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Indie Games November 2021
Demon Turf, Unpacking, Tunche and a plethora of other indie games are releasing in November 2021. Here’s 20 of our favourites. A Finger Guns article.
Without further ado, here are 20 indie games we think you should be excited about in November 2021.

Len’s Island by Flow Studio – November 26th

Do you like peaceful building and farming games? Do you also like fast-paced, skill-driven combat heavy dungeon crawlers? Well, Len’s Island has you covered in both regards. This game allows you to build the home of your dreams using a modular building system. Around it you can create fields full of crops to tend too or little flowerbeds to potter around in. Once you’re feeling adventurous, you then head out and explore the island and delve into dangerous dungeons hoping to find the secrets they hold. Len’s Island is a lot of game in one package and it’ll be very interesting to see if this all coexists within one package. We’ll be able to find out for ourselves on November 26th when Len’s Island launches into Early Access on Steam for PC & Mac.

Undungeon by Laughing Machines – November 18th

The result of a very successful Kickstarter, Undungeon is an RPG inspired by the 90’s classics like Planescape: Torment and the OG Fallout. Featuring a gorgeous pixel art style, slick combat and a deep narrative, a detailed crafting system and a myriad of character customisation options, Undungeon harks back to a brand of RPG that just doesn’t exist anymore. Launching on PC via Steam on November 18th, don’t let this one fly under your radar.

The Last Stand: Aftermath by Con Artist Games – November 16th

The Last Stand: Aftermath reminds me a lot of 2010’s Dead Nation mixed with the quirky, persistent aspects of Rogue Legacy. A single player standalone action adventure rogue-lite, Aftermath has you explore the crumbling, zombie filled ruins of our civilisation as you attempt to find hope for your fellow survivors. The kicker? You’re infected and you’re going to do die, whether that be from the undead hordes or the virus running through your system – but you can still make a difference. When you do finally perish, the progress you made will inform the unlockable abilities of the next infected survivor you take control of. It’s a smart take on the zombie survival genre and one I’ll certainly be checking out when The Last Stand: Aftermath launches on November 16th for PC via Steam and on consoles.

Stilstand by Niila – November 5th

This one’s a bit of a cheat because Stilstand is already available on PC. I had the pleasure to review the game last October where I described it as “a short experience but one that’ll be deeply relatable and darkly funny to those who know the sting of anxiety and depression”. I also said that it’s one of 2020’s hidden gems. A year later, the publisher Nakana.io is helping bring this unique narrative experience to PS4 and Switch on November 5th. I highly recommend giving this one a look. It’s weird and wonderful and I think it’s best if you go into it cold.

The Solitaire Conspiracy by Bithell Games – November 3rd

Another game on this list that has been available on PC and Switch for some time, The Solitaire Conspiracy is the other consoles on November 3rd. Bithell Games’ charismatic take on a solitaire and FMV game hybrid, it’s quite a compelling package. When I reviewed the game last October, I said that it’s “an accessible yet deeply strategic twist on the classic card game that includes an espionage narrative delivered via FMV’s featuring famous faces” and gave it an 8/10 score. If you like card games or FMV games, you’ll likely get a lot of out The Solitaire Conspiracy on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. I’m even considering double dipping just so I can get that Platinum trophy…

Bloody Rally Show from Kodo Linija – November 4th

What happens when you combine the Micro Machine games from the 90’s with the attitude of Carmageddon? Well, you get Bloody Rally Show. Centred around a hyper violent reality TV show, this game pits you against a challenging AI or other players in a top-down race to the finish… or simply survival. Promising an infinite amount of procedurally generated tracks, a campaign mode complete with an AI storyteller and leader board support, Bloody Rally Show is making the jump from PC to consoles on November 4th thanks to Digerati.

Death’s Door by Acid Nerve – November 23rd

Announced during the October 27th State of Play, Death’s Door was one of the indie games that were confirmed to be headed to PlayStation platforms this month. What you might not have heard is that Death’s Door is also launching on the Nintendo Switch on the same date. When our man Toby reviewed the Xbox version of this game he said it “feels like all the best bits of Souls-like structure and none of the bad. Its Zelda-inspired combat and systems are firmly at the challenging end of the spectrum, but are also pretty addictive, and mix well with a bleak yet unique story”. If you’ve not played Death’s Door and you’re waiting for it to arrive on the system of your choice, clear your calendar for November 23rd.

890B by Nerd Games / Artax Games

890B is a top-down 3D adventure game with quite an interesting premise, as far as indie games go. The world is FUBAR’d thanks that severe pollution and it’s now uninhabitable. In this game you play as a character called Noah, a scientist tasked with locating a new planet with similar characteristics to Earth that we might call home. The game will have players “Explore a research lab, find useful items, solve a variety of puzzles and make key choices that will determine your fate and that of mankind”. I’m a fan of the low-poly, minimalist art style used in 890B and I’m quite looking forward to taking this one for a spin when it launches on November 10th for PC via Steam and consoles.

Clockwork Aquario by ININ Games – November 2021

Clockwork Aquario is an interesting piece of history. This game originally started development in 1992 by Westone. It was intended to be the last arcade game made using the Sega System 18 boards (the same board that brought us Alien Storm and Moonwalker) but was cancelled before it went to production citing the rise of 3D visuals in arcades. More than 20 years later, Strictly Limited Games acquired the title’s rights from Sega. Working with ININ Games and a few former Westone developers, the game is being restored ready for release, aiming for November 2021. An action-platform, Clockwork Aquario has you play as a trio of characters as they try to stop Dr. Hangyo with his plan to take over the world. Launching on the PS4 and Switch,

Moncage by Optillusion – November 16th

Probably the title I’m most intrigued about on this list of indie games is Moncage. A puzzle adventure game that combines cube enclosed vignettes with perspective based head scratchers, it’s quite a compelling package. With each face of a box giving a glimpse into a different scene, the player is tasked with lining up elements of the worlds which enable them to interact with one another. I played a demo of this game in one of the Steam festivals and was blown away by it. We’ll be able to get our hands on the finish product when it launches for PC via Steam and on iOS/Android on November 16th.

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So, there you have it. 20 more indie games to keep your eyes on for the coming month. Obviously no list can be completely comprehensive – I fully expect that the very moment I publish this, several more announcements will be made that should be here. If you feel like there’s any obvious omissions, feel free to head to the comments section and drop a link to your favourite upcoming indie games. We love to discover new titles that we’ve not heard about and it’d be awesome if you point us in their direction.

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Indie Games November 2021

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