June 17, 2024
Let's Build A Zoo Announcement
Let's Build A Zoo and then fill it with mutant animal combinations.

So, Let’s Build A Zoo and then fill it with mutant animal combinations.

Publisher No More Robots have an uncanny habit of signing up games that are laser targeted to my personal tastes. They know the shortcut to my wallet, that’s for sure. Where it’s the Hyperspace Outlaw, Not Tonight, Nowhere Prophet or Yes, Your Grace, it’s a publisher that likes to do things differently too. Their next announced title – Let’s Build A Zoo – from Springloaded Games looks to continue that trend.

Let’s Build A Zoo is exactly what it says on the tin. You can build a zoo and then fill it with hundreds of animals to breed and import, tons of buildings, foliage, decorations and path types to spruce up your monkey business, and plenty of staff options for keeping your animals happy, and your guests entertained. So far, so usual.

The kicker with Let’s Build A Zoo is that it isn’t just real world animals you can host in your zoo. Utilizing futuristic DNA splicing mechanics, this zoo sim lets you go bananas and splice together any two animals, with over 300,000 combinations possible. Blend a chicken and a cow? Make a Chickow. Mix up a Crocodile and a duck? That’s a Crocoduck. An Owlybara is an owl spliced with a capybara. Mind. Blown.

Let’s Build a Zoo will be available this summer, with a closed PC beta happening soon. All the details can be found at letsbuildazoo.com, and beta sign ups can be found here.

Source: Press Release

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