June 19, 2024

The Team

Who are Finger Guns? We are…

Ross Keniston

Name: Ross
Nickname: Rossko
Favourite Game: Sonic 2
Favourite Movie: Leon: The Professional
Random Fact About Yourself: Once shared a crate of Corona on a Bulgarian beach with MC Harvey of So Solid Crew at 5am.
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Sean Davies

Name: Sean
Nickname: Father Finger Guns / Omac
Favourite Game: What Remains of Edith Finch
Favourite Movie: Fight Club
Random Fact About Yourself: Once ate 32 slices of Pizza at a Pizza Hut all you could eat buffet.
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Greg Hicks

Name: Greg
Nickname: N/A
Favourite Game: Resident Evil 2
Favourite Movie: Guyver: Dark Hero
Random Fact About Yourself: Once held a freshly severed foot that wasn’t a movie prop.
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Tom Woods

Name: Tom
Nickname: N/A
Favourite Game: Nier Automata
Favourite Movie: Ghostbusters
Random Fact About Yourself: I’ve seen the first 9 seasons of The Simpsons at least a dozen times.
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Kat Bullock

Name: Kat
Nickname: K to the A to the T, KB.
Favourite Game: Tomb Raider 2
Favourite Movie: Jumanji (1995)
Random Fact About Yourself: So enthusiastic about Roast Dinners, I have a friend who together, we tour places and rate them out of 10.
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Miles Thompson

Name: Miles
Nickname: Thomo
Favourite Game: Metal Gear Solid 3
Favourite Movie: Saving Private Ryan
Random Fact About Yourself: I don’t like chips. But it’s a good way to make friends by giving your McDonald’s fries away.
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Toby Andersen

Name: Toby
Nickname: Tobi Wan
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy 7
Favourite Movie: Blade Runner
Random Fact About Yourself: I saw Prince live before he died, and I am ruined for all gigs forever.
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Joshua Thompson

Name: Joshua Thompson
Nickname: JT
Favourite Game: Disco Elysium
Favourite Movie: The Warriors
Random Fact About Yourself: Allergic to Penicillin
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Paul Collett

Name: Paul Collett
Nickname: P
Favourite game: Cyberpunk 2077
Favourite Movie: Avengers: Infinity War
Random fact about myself: Matthew Vaughn himself picked my design for Kingsman The Secret Service
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Jonathan Brown

Name: Jon
Nickname: Yogdog
Favourite game: Battle Brothers
Favourite movie: John Wick
Random fact about yourself: I was once in the top 20 rated players on Bad Company 2 for PS3

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Andy Manson

Name: Andy Manson
Nickname: Manders
Favourite game: Yakuza 0
Favourite movie: Lost In Translation
Random fact about yourself: Won over £9,000 on a TV quiz show in 1999

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