June 17, 2024
If you've just finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission, you're probably thinking ahead to what Part two could possibly be - read on for our expert guide to what Part Two will probably look like - it's gonna be thirsty.

What’s Mine is Yours

After the swamps, and that ghastly snake death, it’s on into the Mythril Mines where you encounter the Turks, also on the trail of Sephiroth, and now a bit less concerned with Aerith. Hopefully, if the Remake stays true to the source we will meet a new foul-mouthed Turk here called Elena. And it would make sense. The remake series is all about Waifus and we aren’t likely to see Jessie again for a while, so why not Elena with an expanded storyline?

Speaking of new Waifus – Intergrade and Intermission’s new chapter in Midgar has thrown an early portion of the remake into doubt. In the OG game, as you leave the Mythril Mines and head across country you can encounter and recruit Yuffie to your party. It’s possible that Yuffie will catch up to you here, or she’ll already be with you, likely from the Chocobo farm onwards.

Lastly for this section, Fort Condor. Before Intermission, I would have said this was the location in Part Two I’m most doubtful will remain intact. Fort Condor is a Mako Reactor, the first you see after Midgar, with a Condor nest at the top. The section involves an optional strategy minigame where you help defend Fort Condor from Shinra troops with your own units. It was pretty much optional and only came back into the story in what might eventually be Part Three, if the ‘Huge’ materia plot stays intact.

Intermission has thrown all that into doubt, giving us a nice fleshed-out minigame of Fort Condor that Yuffie can engage in, outside of the parameters it was originally included. Part of me thinks this is all we shall see of Fort Condor, and its presence in the new story is largely gone, reducing it to a tabletop game. But the other part of me thinks this has made it into Intermission because the developers were a little ahead of schedule and had finished this part of Part Two already, so why not include some extra stuff in Intermission. This leads me to think it will be in Part Two and fully part of the story.

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