May 25, 2024
If you've just finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission, you're probably thinking ahead to what Part two could possibly be - read on for our expert guide to what Part Two will probably look like - it's gonna be thirsty.

The Thirsty Climax of Part Two

The Keystone is back at Gold Saucer, giving Square Enix a brilliant reason to return us there and everything that happens. We all know that at its heart Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part One was about three waifus, and their relationship with Cloud. Well, Part Two is going to double down on the waifu romance options and take them to the next level. It’s dating time!

The plot takes you back to Gold Saucer for what might turn out to be the most fun part of the dour second half. The original game was also an elaborate dating sim, and your dialogue choices, and who you chose to speak to throughout the game up to that point, added up to a score per character, and eventually to a scene here. Whichever character you’d been nicest to (Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, or even Barret) would go on a date with Cloud, starting at the haunted hotel in Ghost Square, then a really camp play you have to take part in at Event Square, and finally a Gondola Ride round the theme park. The date could go well, or very badly depending on your dialogue choices. The remake version in Part Two is going to go all-in on this section of the game.

Probably the whole of Gold Saucer will be open for business here too as this is the last of the fun times, and the last open area before the probable end of Part Two. Chocobo races, the battle arena, the arcades, the works, just like when Wall Market was free to use before the end game in Part One. If Part Two keeps it in, then it would make sense for there to be Chocobo breeding, and some kind of mechanic to bring your birds to race at Gold Saucer.

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