May 20, 2024
If you've just finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission, you're probably thinking ahead to what Part two could possibly be - read on for our expert guide to what Part Two will probably look like - it's gonna be thirsty.

Dreaming of Outer Space

I think we’ll probably get another few chapters. The first is where you end up after leaving the nightmare of Nibelheim. Rocket Town is a small settlement built around the rather primitive Shinra space program, a defunct and leaning rocket, and the town that sprung up around it. I’d expect this to be a bit more fleshed out in the Remake. Here you find the Tiny Bronco, a plane the party could use to travel. We meet Cid and his wife Shera, and learn of the Shinra space program’s past.

I would expect some of Cid’s character to be changed somewhat in the remake. He blames the failed launch of the No.26 rocket, and the subsequent scuttling of the Shinra space program, on his wife being inside the rocket, and having to cancel the launch, which damages the rocket. As a result, he treats her pretty badly on the original game. Today we’d call it domestic abuse. In the remake, if this storyline remains unchanged, I would expect Cid to blame himself, while a determined and diligent wife stands by a depressed man. But the abuse will likely be gone.

Finally Shinra catch up with you here and after the fight you have a broken Tiny Bronco you can use as a sea plane. From here, once again the world opens up. I don’t expect the little house where you learn about the keystone to survive, and we aren’t even sure how openworld Part Two will be, so buggies and planes could be out completely. It also gives you access to Wutai.

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