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Another top quality month of indie games is ahead of us. Here's 21 indie game titles we think you should keep your eye on in December 2021.

Another top quality month of indie games is ahead of us. Here’s 22 indie game titles we think you should keep your eye on in December 2021.

Without further ado, here’s 22 indie games to get excited about during December 2021.

Unreal Life by hako life – December 3rd

You might have heard of Unreal Life before. That’s because it launched in Japan on Switch in May 2020. This initial release won the award for New Face Award in the Entertainment Division of the 24th Japanese Media Arts Awards, judges citing the intricate design, high polish and emotional story as factors in their decision. In December 2021, with the help of the Spanish publisher SelectaVisión, Unreal Life is making its way to our fair shores in the UK and Europe. This game stars a character called Hal. Having lost all but one of her memories – the name of her teacher – she sets out to find out who she is, guided by a talking, AI-equipped traffic light. It’s an intriguing premise and one I’m excited to explore when Unreal Life launches on Nintendo Switch on December 3rd.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm by Scythe Dev Team – December 3rd

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is attempting to head the way of FNAF or Hello Neighbour. Despite not being released until December 3rd, influencers and YouTubers have already had their hands on this game for months. These videos have already generated millions of views. Part cooking game, part tense horror game, the aim of the game is to keep your demanding customers happy while you “unravel the dark mysteries hidden within the seemingly peaceful town”. HHBF is launching onto PC and consoles on December 2nd. The probability is that you already know if you’ll be buying this or not… or if your kids will be convincing you to buy it because that famous dude on YouTube plays it.

Solar Ash by Heart Machine – December 2nd

Solar Ash was pride of place in our October list of indie games to get excited about. An unfortunate delay means that I get to write about this game again. An adventure platformer, this game has you play as a void runner. Taking on epic beasts, this is a silky smooth game that’s more about movement than combat. Everything is on a massive, grandiose scale and every trailer of this game has made it look ever more grand. Heart Machine’s follow-up to their 2016 title, Hyper Light Drifter is launching on PS4, PS5 and PC via EGS on December 2nd, 2021.

The Gunk by Image & Form Games – December 16th

A third person adventure game, The Gunk is the latest title from Image & Form, the makers of the SteamWorld games. In this game you play as a space hauler called Rani. With her partner, she discovers an untouched planet resplendent with life, valuables, oh and a toxic gunk parasite. Roaming through jungles and caves, you’ll be eradicating this gunk to allow nature to return so that uncover the mysteries this planet holds. So long as you and you partner can co-exist of course. The Gunk is headed to Xbox platforms and on December 16th. It’ll be a part of Xbox Game Pass the day it launches too.

Moon & Black Bird by Onion Games – December 16th

Okay. This is a bit of a cheat because it’s actually 2 games. And what a pair of games these are. Some of you will remember Moon and Blackbird. The former is a pretty revolutionary Anti-RPG that explores the dissonance between RPG heroics and the damage a character actually causes. The latter is an operatic side scrolling shooter with a theatrical bent, staring a young girl who dies a pitiful death but is reborn as the calamitous Black Bird whose destiny is to destroy the kingdom. These 2 celebrated indie games have been written about extensively and are already available on some platforms but both are launching on new platforms in December. Moon is hitting Steam and PS4/PS5 on December 16th. On the same date, Black Bird hits PS4/PS5. If you’ve not played these exceptional indie games, I highly advise checking them out.

Feral Flowers by Starriver – December 2021

The spotlighted title to our first, and currently only, episode of “AAAs Not Included” (a podcast focused on indie games), Feral Flowers is a roguelike platformer that’s quite fresh. You play as a gardener who’s challenged to get across the single screen levels and destroy the pollenating flowers. You’ve got to do that within a time limit because if the time runs out, the screen begins to fill with molecules of pollen which, if touched, will cause a game over. I spent quite a number of hours with the demo for Feral Flowers and was very impressed with what I had played. I’m glad to see the game get a full release on Steam this December.

Wolfstride by OTA IMON Studios – December 7th

Wolfstride seems like a game designed specifically for my tastes. A role-playing game about a trio of misfits stumbling their way through a giant mech battle competition, it immediately hooks you. Featuring a crisp black and white art style, akin to that of a Manga book, it’s really eye catching too. Aside from fighting it out in the arena in turn based battles, you’ll also be able to roam around your hangar to improve your mech and explore Rain City. Simply put, Wolfstride looks incredibly cool. It’s launching onto PC via Steam on December 7th.

Anvil: Vault Breaker by Action Square – December 2nd

In ANVIL, you play as a cast of “Vault Breakers” in search of alien artefacts littered across the unknown universe. A twin stick shooter with high production values, ANVIL has over 100 randomly generated artefacts and dozens of weapons that will make every session unique. As the Vault Breakers defeat enemies and bosses, they’ll gain experience which can be used to improve their mechanical body when they die and are rebuilt. What looks to be a fast, frenetic, action packed shooter, ANVIL is launching into Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox on December 2nd.

Aeterna Noctis by Aeternum Game Studio – December 15th

Aeterna Noctis looks like a real labour of love from its developers. Featuring 16 massive, connected areas to explore with gorgeous hand drawn artwork, this metroidvania game offers a stiff challenge to its player. Centred around “an original, deep and emotional story with epic moments and unexpected twists”, Aeterna Noctis aims to tell an engrossing tale between its fluid traversal and spicy combat. Launching on December 16th for, Xbox One/Series, PS4/5 and PC via EGS and Steam, I highly advise fans of ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights give this game a look.

Wytchwood by Alientrap – December 9th

A crafting adventure game set in a land of gothic fables and fairy tales, Wytchwood is the latest title from Alienhead (Apotheon, Cryptark). Featuring a fantastic art style inspired by children’s story books, this game has you play as the mysterious old witch of the woods. You’ll be “exploring a strange countryside, collecting magical ingredients, brewing sorcerous enchantments, and passing your twisted judgement upon a capricious cast of characters and creatures”. It all sounds very interesting indeed. Wytchwood is launching on PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series, Steam, EGS and Nintendo Switch on December 9th.

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If you’ve reach the end of this list and you’ve not found any indie games that float your boat, feel free to peruse our other monthly indie games lists:

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So, there you have it. 22 more indie games to keep your eyes on for the coming month. Obviously no list can be completely comprehensive – I fully expect that the very moment I publish this, several more announcements will be made that should be here. If you feel like there’s any obvious omissions, feel free to head to the comments section and drop a link to your favourite upcoming indie games. We love to discover new titles that we’ve not heard about and it’d be awesome if you point us in their direction.

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