June 20, 2024
A weekly deep dive podcast all about HBO's The Last of Us from us lot? You're most welcome.

Over on our podcast island we have a weekly games show where we talk nothing but video games (honestly, it never falls of the tracks and we talk the wonders of Biscoff flavoured Kit Kats) and it’s a grand old time. But something rather special happened at the start of the year and we wanted to make sure we were a part of it.

Below you’ll find the full playlist for our The Last of Us HBO podcast, Look for the Light. Rossko, Kat, Miles, Josh and even Sean (for a solitary episode) got together to talk every single minute of the show after airing to explore their thoughts on the adaptation. If you’ve been around Finger Guns for a while, you know we all very much know our stuff when it comes to The Last of Us, so it was always a deep diving interesting chat, pointing out recreations of sequences /lines from the game along with some of the major differences (yes, we all cried at Episode 3, let’s move along).

If there was a specific episode you wanted to hear our thoughts on well don’t you worry, we’ve collated them all in a handy playlist below so you can get straight to what we thought of REDACTED REDACTED with the REDACTED REDACTED.

Naturally, every single episode include huge spoilers for the TV show. We don’t hold back but never fear, if you haven’t yet experienced Part II we don’t go into any spoilers for what’s to come so you have nothing to fear.

Enjoy our shiny miniseries podcast and remember when you’re lost in the darkness….well, listen to our Last of Us podcast!

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