June 17, 2024

Seemingly very much out of nowhere, Bastion have confirmed that a reimagining of the classic platformer Zool is returning to Steam in August 18th in Zool Reimagined.

Originally released way back when in the 1900’s, 1992 to be exact, on the Amiga to worldwide acclaim, Zool has been rebuilt by students of the Sumo Digital Academy, a development programmed built to create new pathways to get into the industry, alongside developers of the classic 1992 original from Gremlin Graphics.

The students programmed their own C++ engine to bring Zool to a new generation, with half of the revenue going back to the academy in their ongoing support of their student initiative.

Zool Redimensioned features over 28 levels, with two game modes – Redimensioned for that accessible modern experience, or Ultimate Ninja mode if you want to play the game that way we had to when we were six years old. Those bastard hard boss fights have returned in completely redesigned boss fights. There’s also new secrets, challenges and extras, including Achievements, level select, checkpoints, accessibility options, along with the original Mega Drive version for that pure experience.

It’s a pretty cool project, and it’s great to see Zool back in the gaming zeitgeist. Published by Secret Mode, you can pick up the game on Steam from August 18th.

Source [Press Release]

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