June 15, 2024
Announced by the Square Enix Collective, Little Goody Two Shoes is the Halloween super-cute scarer you didn't know you wanted.

This was announced by the Square Enix Collective. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what Square Enix Collective was either. I just found out – it’s Square Enix’s indie division. Yeah, that makes no sense to me either. The good news is that here’s yet another great-looking title to cram into this October 2023 that’s already fit to burst. Little Goody Two Shoes is a 90s JRPG-inspired anime horror, that has you living in a quaint Beauty and the Beast village during the day, and then battling beasties and monsters by night. Looking like a mash-up of everything Square Enix made in the 90s, crossed with Strawberry Shortcake by way of Robot Chicken, and a fair helping of Rayearth/Chobits manga collective Clamp, Little Goody Two Shoes just might be the fix of bonkers scary-cute gaming I needed to round out the Halloween season.

Alan Wake II just not got enough anime waifus in it? Spider-Man II just not slinging the right kind of creepy webs? Then perhaps you need to take a look at Little Goody Two Shoes.

From the Press Release – Square Enix Collective has today announced an October 31 release date for Little Goody Two Shoes, a mysterious new fairytale anime adventure with a dark twist. The narrative-focused horror adventure game is developed by Portuguese indie studio AstralShift, dedicated to creating stunning cinematic and narrative games with immersive storylines and evoking soundtracks.

Judging by that 101 trailer above, Little Goody Two Shoes is Disney by way of Japanese RPGs, a beautifully overdone adventure, starring Elise, an ex-Clamp-anime reject who arrives in the mysterious Kieferberg Village only to be suspected of witchcraft. In this version of Disney, that could get you lynched. Spend your days on Persona-style tasks and yuri relationship building in the village, keeping above suspicion, and your nights prowling the Persona-style dungeons and woods, fuelling said suspicions of the villagers. I sure hope those ‘work’ mini-games survive into the full game and aren’t just for this trailer.

Little Goody Two Shoes will release on 31 October 2023 for £14.99 on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

Source: Press Release

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