April 21, 2024
After most of a year with no new info, many feared the worst for Bravely Default II - but it's back with a release date far sooner than expected.

So, great news for RPG lovers! You may remember back in March a free demo of Bravely Default was made available on the Nintendo Store. Square Enix have been taking notice of everything players have been saying and produced a video detailing all the quality-of-life changes they have made to the game ready for release, including difficulty options. You can check out every one of these changes in the video below.

However far more interesting for the majority of us who didn’t get a chance to play the demo is that right at the last moment they’ve revealed the brand new release date! Don’t worry, we won’t force you to watch it all. Bravely Default II is now slated for release on 26th February 2021 – only four short months away. We can’t wait!

Keep your finger guns on the pulse here for more news and info about this fantastic looking RPG in the coming months.

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