15 Indie Games To Be Excited About During March 2024

Welcome back, everyone! Yes, one of the biggest releases of the year may have come out yesterday. However, if Rebirthing with the fate-defying crew from Midgar isn’t your style, or you need a break from saving the world again, then do I have some indie games for you.

Last month had some heavy hitters, with Ultros taking players through a hallucinogenic labyrinth as you fight and farm, Pacific Drive becoming the new weird survival game that pits players against devastating anomalies, and The Thaumaturge time-travelled with its release date to make it on the list two months in a row.

This month is no different as we’ve got some indie games making it to their 1.0 debuts out of Early Access, and some surprise releases that have felt like a long time coming. So, without further ado, here’s our list of Indie Games to be excited about during March 2024:

CorpoNation: The Sorting Process by Canteen – 22nd February 2024

If your corporate job is getting too much, why not take on yet another corporate job, with CorpoNation: The Sorting Process? The game is a pitch-perfect satirical life sim about being a cog in the oppressive machine. I’m sure you’re all model employees in your day-to-day and CorpoNation expects nothing less.

The game sees you being the perfect employee as you’ll be dealing with the minutiae of correctly sorting the company’s genetic samples. Rogue workers may try to tempt you away from being good at your job, but don’t let that deter you from being an employee of the month. CorpoNation: The Sorting Process is out now on PC via Steam.

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The Thaumaturge by Fool’s Theory – 4th March 2024

The Thaumaturge is an isometric RPG that sees you playing the titular Thaumaturge; mediating and controlling the demons known as Salutors. The game looks to have elements inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series as well as some of the titles from Firaxis Games, with a gritty backdrop of 1900s Warsaw.

You’ll make choices that will decide the fates of the locals, harness the powers of the Thaumaturge by taking control of the Salutors, and explore the heavily researched period of early twentieth-century Warsaw, with a dark twist. The Thaumaturge will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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The Outlast Trials by Red Barrels – 5th March 2024

The infamously horrifying Outlast series has taken a stab at bringing the scares to a group therapy session. Leaving the singular story experience behind for a co-op live service framework, The Outlast Trials sees you and 3 other players taking on the terror together. Trapped in a testing facility, you’ll have to take on death-defying and often adrenaline-pumping trials to prove your worth in returning to society. It’s been in Early Access for a year now, but it’s finally getting a 1.0 release alongside coming to other systems.

In that time Red Barrells have worked on implementing more content and game refinement, so you can shout at your screen in fear rather than frustration. Expect to read our thoughts on this very soon. The Outlast Trials will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and is playable now on PC via Steam Early Access.

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Berserk Boy by BerserkBoyGames – 6th March 2024

If you’ve been missing the fast-paced action action-heavy stylings of Mega Man then look no further, Berserk Boy has got you covered. With a focus on its high-speed action platforming and Metroidvania leanings, Berserk Boy takes you on a trip to the near future as you play the titular character, utilising the natural elements of Lightning, Air, Fire, Ice and Earth to save the planet. Featuring a soundtrack from Tee Lopes of Sonic Mania fame and a vibrant pixel art style, Berserk Boy looks to be jam-packed with style and finesse. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Reveil by Pixelsplit – 6th March 2024

Reveil promises to blur the line between illusion and reality as you traipse through your home. Step into the shoes of Walter Thompson, a retired stage builder for the circus, as he awakes disorientated with his wife and daughter nowhere to be found.

From the first-person perspective, you’ll be exploring the rooms of the house, deciphering mind-bending tasks and unravelling a dark mystery as you continue forward. Reveil is promised to be a deeply psychological experience that’ll keep you guessing at every turn. The game will release on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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Chasing the Unseen by Strange Shift Studio – 7th March 2024

Chasing the Unseen has been elusive to me after seeing it for the first time over a year ago. However, I was enamoured by the stripped-back but grand visuals and was completely ready to see where this strange journey would take me. You play as a boy lost in a world like no other, looking so inferior compared to the environments you explore.

From the third-person perspective, you’ll climb and glide through large-scale behemoths and human-looking structures. The challenge is in the traversal, which has been described as immersive and somewhat daunting. Chasing the Unseen will release on PC via Steam.

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Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley by Hyper Games – 7th March 2024

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is an isometric musical adventure that sees you restoring peace and harmony across Moominvalley, ultimately protecting it from the industrious Park Keeper. You play as the titular Snufkin, in a meditative open-world experience that features musical elements, stealth scenarios and puzzles littered across the valley.

That’s not all though, as Hyper Games have collaborated with Sigur Ros to create a soundscape and melodies for the wholesome adventure. Also unmissable is the incredible hand-painted art style that captures the art of Moomins so succinctly. Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley will release on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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SUMMERHOUSE by Friedemann – 8th March 2024

Summerhouse sees you using your creativity freely as you build out a sun-kissed neighbourhood with no holds barred. The game promises you full control over how to build your perfect summer house with an extensive amount of tools to help. From the glistening sparkle of the sea to the brisk chill of the mountains, you can take your neighbourhood into a handful of beautiful locations to make it all picture-perfect. There’s no way to win, only pure relaxation when Summerhouse releases on PC via Steam.

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Death of a Wish by melessthanthree – 11th March 2024

Melessthanthree came out with a cult smash in 2018 with Lucah: Born of a Dream. Death of a Wish is the team’s follow-up that shares the same distinct art style and visceral gameplay. The game follows Christian as he unites a team to battle the cult that raised him. The game’s setting, Paradiso, is overtaken by repressed memories, creating the Neo-Sanctum and it’s up to you to defeat the corruption.

As you battle through the nightmarish dungeons, you’ll master vicious attacks and virtuous combos to defeat the monsters that lie ahead. The fast, flashy and unforgiven combat is at the heart of Death of a Wish and promises to be a true challenge for Action RPG fans. The game will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story by Digital Eclipse – 13th March 2024

“The work of Jeff Minter should be documented!” People would exclaim and Digital Eclipse has listened, as Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story is the studio’s second hybrid-documentary-video-game that are proving to be an excellent way to preserve specific pieces of video game history. This game in particular features over 40 of Llamasoft’s games, which are some of the trippiest titles you’ll play.

Described as an interactive documentary, you’ll be switching between watching archival footage, interview segments and playing some of the wonderful games mentioned. Expect heaps of sheep, lasers and llamas when Llamasoft: The Minter Story releases on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles by Tomas Sala – 27th March 2024

Creator, Tomas Sala, stepped into indie games with 2020’s The Falconeer – an aerial combat fairy tale that was extremely ambitious. Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is similarly ambitious, but this time sees the familiar world through a city-building format. As you take flight across the open world in your zeppelin, you’ll be able to create sprawling towns or fortresses that can turn into hubs of trading or zones of conquests.

Every action has consequences, with multiple factions having differing opinions on how the world should operate. Through peace or tyranny, you’ll be sure to leave your unique mark in Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles when it releases on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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Pepper Grinder by Ahr Ech – 28th March 2024

Pepper Grinder is an action-packed 2D adventure with a twist on the traditional platforming formula. You guessed it, the drill lets you dig through the earth. Your dolphin-like movement provides free-flowing traversal through land and sea as you take on the evil denizens. You play as the titular Pepper, a seafarer who loves to prospect with their super-powered drill, Grinder.

Left shipwrecked and robbed of her treasures, Pepper is on a quest to take back what’s hers from the nefarious Narlings. During your journey, you’ll be finding treasures to help you upgrade your equipment to expand your abilities – opening up new paths on the map and introducing smart puzzles. Pepper Grinder will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Open Roads by Open Roads Team – 28th March 2024

Take a mother-daughter trip down memory lane to discover each other’s murky past. The pair will go on a road trip to visit abandoned family properties, unearthing the memories left behind. The game is an interactive fiction that takes place in the ’90s, sporting a nostalgic feel from its art style to the technology of the time.

Not every day you’ll also come across an indie game that’s voiced by Hollywood actors, but Open Roads will have Keri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever playing the two leads. Choose where to go, pick the song on the radio and bask in the well-written narrative that Open Roads presents when it releases on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Sonzai by 2 Odd Diodes – 29th March 2024

From Kolkata, India 2 Odd Diodes look to have an absolutely stunning debut on their hands with Sonzai. The game is a 2D action brawler RPG platformer that has an incredible hand-drawn art style. You play as a mage whose new discovery of their powers leads them to the mystical town of Kumotoshi – a place where all magic and mages thrive.

Outside of the town, however, lays dark secrets that may spell danger for you and the residents of Kumotoshi. Every frame is choreographed and drawn to create a lavish style for the game’s combat and this persists through every facet of Sonzai. Will you discover the nature of magic? Sonzai will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Felvidek by Jozef Pavelka – 29th March 2024

Solo developer Jozef Pavelka has seemed to answer the question of “What if Eastern and Western RPGs collide? and the answer is the Japanese-inspired RPG Felvidek. Set in a fictional timeline of 15th Century Slovak Highlands, you play as drunken knight, Pavol. Pavol’s goal is to defend the country from the Hussites and Ottomans trying to invade. Traversing through the hand-painted world from castles to settlements, you’ll face turn-based combat scenarios against soldiers and maybe entities much darker. Felvidek will release on PC via Steam.

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Another month, another great list of Indie Games that will have to be in my extensive backlog – that I will eventually play! I’m making myself accountable by making it public. What indie games are you planning to pick up this month? Release dates are subject to change but as always, you can reach out to us at hello@fingerguns.net, or on our socials if you have indie games to showcase for April. Until next month!

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