May 28, 2024
Indie games 2024
From rhythm shooters to quirky adventures, there's a plethora of indie games launching in 2024. Here's our favourites:

It’s hard to ignore the landscape of the gaming industry in 2023: it was a momentous year for releases, from AAA to indie games, arguably an all-timer, but has been underpinned by multiple waves of employee layoffs across a bunch of studios. All the while companies have seen their biggest profits off the backs of the developers who made our favourite games. It’s not been just the devs either, as a large number of people from the journalism side have also faced redundancy. It’s fair to say, something’s got to change.

Hopefully, with this list, we can not only celebrate the upcoming slate of games but also the people making them and we wish those who were negatively affected this year a better 2024. With a new year, comes a whole new crop of indie games to be excited about.

In 2023, we had an abundance of brilliant titles spanning across a multitude of genres. Finger Guns got to experience some unforgettable narratives with games like A Space for the Unbound, Coffee Talk 2 and Mediterranea Inferno. Exceptional treasures in gameplay with Shadows Gambit: The Cursed Crew, Blasphemous 2 and Dredge. As well as some big surprises like Station to Station, In Stars and Time and OTXO. It’s safe to say our backlog is wincing at this year, knowing just how much we have coming out.

If you’re after household indie names to release their new IP or exciting debuts, Finger Guns has got you covered. So without further ado, here is our big list of indie games that’ll define 2024.

Another Crab’s Treasure by Aggro Crab

It’s almost as if it was the goal from the start for developer Aggro Crab to create a game where you play as a crab, taking out their aggression on the pollution of the sea. Another Crab’s Treasure is a deep sea soulslike that puts you on a journey to buy your repossessed shell back, with the help of hidden treasure. You play as Kril, a hermit crab who uses various junk polluting the sea to protect himself from incoming attacks.

Whilst this junk can help Kril – as well as be a valuable resource in the world – the presence of it causes an unknown quantity called Gunk, bringing the possible end of the ocean. The game will of course have that signature Aggro Crab comedy that they exploded onto the scene with in Going Under, as well as a full skips worth of garbage to have on your back. Another Crab’s Treasure has a release window of 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One on Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Harold Halibut by Slow Bros

The art of stop motion has really developed over the past couple of decades. Aardman and LAIKA studios have been making incredible movies aimed at a younger audience; Kaufman’s Anomolisa, animated by Starburn Studio, proved that you can tell a more nuanced and mature story within the medium. And now, the Slow Bros are looking to take it a step further with a whole game using the medium in Harold Halibut.

The game is a narrative adventure set in a city-sized spaceship at the bottom of an alien ocean. You play as the titular Harold, a lab assistant who has an inner journey to discover what home really means to him. Harold Halibut looks to be one of the most cinematic outputs on this list, as it has a full-voice cast across an ensemble of characters, on top of the fully hand-animated art style. Harold Halibut is planned to be released sometime soon in 2024 on PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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The Plucky Squire by All Possible Futures

The Plucky Squire is a riveting debut from All Possible Futures, as the devs take their previous experience working on games like The Sword of Ditto and Pokémon, to create a genre-fusing action adventure that literally jumps right out of the page. The game follows Jot and his friends – storybook characters who have discovered a world outside of the pages they existed on.

After the evil Humpgrump comes to realise he’s destined to lose in this fairytale in perpetuity, he kicks the band of heroes out of the pages so he can rewrite his ending. Your task is to stop the story from being rewritten as you cross 3D and 2D levels to save the day. The art style is fantastic, the blend of different types of gameplay is inspiring and we cannot wait to play it. The Plucky Squire has a release window of 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Thank Goodness You’re Here! by Coal Supper

During their interview for Edge Magazine (#392), the two-person team at Coal Supper points to various British comedy institutes. Names like Aardman, Beano, Viz and Monty Python were cited as comical references to what is starting to be commonly known as a slapformer for their new title Thank Goodness You’re Here! The game takes a sketch show approach by delicately crafting scenarios for your lemon-headed protagonist to find themselves in. Giving equal parts hilarity and platforming.

During the game, you’ll meet the colourful cast of characters and locations inspired by their hometown in Yorkshire, usually helping them with their odd jobs to progress. Thank Goodness You’re Here! may appear to be a frivolous platformer, but Coal Supper promises to bring a spiralling narrative you’ll want to see till the end. Thank Goodness You’re Here! has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Pacific Drive by Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive was a huge highlight during Sony’s State of Play, all the way back in September 2022. Upon initially seeing the game, it looked a lot like Stanislav Shostak title, Titan Chaser. This isn’t too out there of a comparison, as Ironwood Studios’ influences are steeped in the strange and trippy: Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, Jeff Vandemeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy and Strugatsky brothers’ novel Roadside Picnic were cited as big inspirations in their interview with The Guardian.

Pacific Drive is a first-person driving roguelite where your car is your only means of survival, as you accelerate across the anomaly-ridden planes of a reimagined Pacific Northwest. Scavenge resources, craft equipment, upgrade your car and most importantly, drive like a bat out of hell to evade the pervasive storm when Pacific Drive releases February 22nd, 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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10 Dead Doves by Duonix Studios

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter and critical acclaim during its previews, 10 Dead Doves is looking to instil an original fright to a beloved genre. You play as Marcus Stetson – described as the most pathetic man on earth – as he’s on one of his latest backpacking trips across the Appalachian Trail, with his lifelong friend Sean. The pair are on one last hurrah as they look for the most elusive urban legend – the Ant Farm.

However, Marcus sees cryptic messages in his dreams from a haunting bird-like figure, testing his wits and will to carry on. The game uses fixed-perspective camera angles, 00s-inspired 3D graphics and fully voice-acted characters to tell a rich horrific mystery of mortal terror. 10 Dead Doves has a release window of 2024 for PC.

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Despelote by Julián Cordero and Sebastian Valbuena

Despelote has been one of those games that every year we hope to see the release of after we initially saw the reveal during the 2021 Day of the Devs. The game is a slice-of-life adventure game about Football (Soccer, if you’re wrong) in Quito, Ecuador in the year 2001. The setting is important as it was the year that Ecuador was on the verge of qualifying for the World Cup, all the whilst the country was coming out of a financial crisis.

Despelote has been described as semi-autobiographical, as you play as eight-year-old Julián. You’ll be exploring the streets of Quito, meeting locals, getting up to no good and playing a bit of footy. The art style is striking, pulling different mediums together to give a real dream-like quality to it. Despelote has a release window of 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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The Thaumaturge by Fool’s Theory

Pushed out of 2023 for more polish, The Thaumaturge is still well on its way to indulging the inner demons of Warsaw. The game is an isometric RPG from the developers behind Seven – an equally in-depth world of mechanics and stories. You play as Wiktor Szulski, the titular Thaumaturge who mediates and controls the demons known as Salutors. The game looks to have elements inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series as well as some of the titles from Firaxis Games, with a gritty backdrop of 1900s Warsaw.

You’ll make choices that will decide the fates of the locals, harness the powers of the Thaumaturge by taking control of the Salutors, and explore the heavily researched period of early twentieth-century Warsaw, with a dark twist. The Thaumaturge has a release date of February 20th, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Still Wakes The Deep by The Chinese Room

It’s great to see developer The Chinese Room going back to their roots with another deeply atmospheric first-person narrative adventure, Still Wakes The Deep. The year is 1975, a storm hits an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. You play as one of the oil rig workers, fighting to survive as they navigate the continuously dilapidating rig to save their crew mates. You’re cut off from the outside world with no exit plan – the only thing left on board is the unimaginable horrors that lurk in the depths of the oil rig.

The game looks incredible, with an innate sense of realism thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5. Couple that with the great storytelling The Chinese Room are known for and we’re sure to be in for an absolute treat. Still Wakes The Deep has a release window of Spring 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island by Polygon Treehouse

In last year’s indie game list, Sean waxed lyrical on his love for Polygon Treehouse and the consistent vibe they have in their games after falling in love with Roki. Luckily for Sean, and the rest of us here at Finger Guns, Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island will be making some waves this year. You play as amateur backpacker Alex, as they take a much-needed break from the banality of modern life. Things take a turn, however, as Alex ends up shipwrecked on Ambrosia Island – a place of sunshine and mythology, oh yeah and it’s also home to the Greek Gods.

The game is a sandbox adventure that connects you with all the island’s inhabitants, seeking lost treasure and returning memories to form stronger bonds. The game is full of puzzles to solve tied to a dynamic day/night cycle, with an emphasis on universal themes and aversion to violence, making sure everyone can enjoy it. Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island has a release window of Summer 2024 for PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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The Garden Path by Carrotcake

Often is the case with slice-of-life sims, you’re trapped in a tireless loop to upkeep the home you’ve created. Carrotcake’s approach with The Garden Path, however, is to let the player play as much or as little as they want and still see results that’ll feel rewarding. As the name suggests, you’ll be tending to your garden, finding new travellers, activities and events in the process.

With your garden growing, and crops becoming ripe for harvest, you’ll garner veg-headed neighbours who will set up shop beside you – building a wonderful and cosy community. You can play The Garden Path on your own or with a co-op partner and it boasts a delightful handcrafted art style. The game has a release window of late Spring 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Dead Pets Unleashed by Triple Topping

Dead Pets Unleashed is a punk rock slice-of-life rhythm game with a feminist perspective. You play as Gordy, a band member in Dead Pets, who have been playing together for a long time at the point of the game. They’re all approaching their 30s, with no real relative success and an ever-growing amount of personal responsibilities piling up. All of it puts into question the future of their musical passion; will their band break out with a new killer EP or breakdown working at the diner?

The game’s visuals take great inspiration from cartoons like Bojack Horseman and features a ton of minigames, management sim elements, rhythm sections, as well as narrative choices that lead to multiple endings. Times have been hard for Triple Topping in 2023, but they assure people to still wishlist the game. Dead Pets Unleashed has a release window of 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Sorry We’re Closed by à la mode games

Continuing on the punk aesthetic in the list is the two-person team over at à la mode games’ debut, Sorry We’re Closed. Set in a London borough that could be easily mistaken for Silent Hill, you play as Michelle on her final days of freedom to try and break her curse. The curse was brought on by a demon looking for love, which forces Michelle to dive deeper into the dingy neon-soaked hell. With an ability known as the third eye, you’ll be shifting between the two realities to solve puzzles, collect items and try to survive.

You won’t be the only one in hell, however, as there is a rich cast of residents and a gaggle of demons that you can help along your journey. During that time you’ll be able to choose from multiple dialogue options that’ll affect how it ends. Boasting a nostalgic style, with a mix of fixed-camera angles and first-person combat using demonic weaponry, Sorry We’re Closed looks to be an exciting endeavour into survival horror. The game has a release window of 2024 for PC.

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Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley by Hyper Games

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is an isometric musical adventure that sees you restoring peace and harmony across Moominvalley, ultimately protecting it from the industrious Park Keeper. You play as the titular Snufkin, in a meditative open-world experience that features musical elements, stealth scenarios and puzzles littered across the valley. That’s not all though, as Hyper Games have collaborated with Sigur Ros to create a soundscape and melodies for the wholesome adventure. Also unmissable is the incredible hand-painted art style that captures the art of Moomins so succinctly. Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley has a release window of Q1 2024 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus by Squid Shock Studios

Taking inspiration from Japanese folklore, Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus is a 2D Metroidvania with an awesome hand-drawn art style reminiscent of the works of Hokusai. The game has a focus on aerial and acrobatic combat that sees you dashing around the levels with finesse, as you undertake a mystical journey. You play the titular celestial blossom Bō, who has descended from the heavens to fulfil an ancient prophecy. Featuring fast and frenetic combat that will satiate any fans of games like the Ori series or Hollow Knight, with a similarly feeling traversal that sees you encountering wonderfully designed yokai monsters across a Japanese metropolis. Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Loco Motive by Robust Games

If you’re looking for a point-and-click adventure with punchy comedy like the greats from LucasArts, look no further than Loco Motive. Set in the 1930s, the game follows the story of an infallibly moral lawyer, a crime writer turned amateur detective and an undercover spy all embroiled in a murder mystery on a train. You’ll play all three of the characters as you get to the bottom of the murder, whether it’s the traditional point-and-click way or direct control.

Chock-full of slapstick comedy, intricate puzzles and enough twists to get you spinning, Loco Motive is fully voice-acted with a lush pixel art style, as well as music from Paul Zimmermann (Wildfrost and Space Haven). One great feature in the game is a telephone helpline that can assist in solving any puzzle you’re stuck on, so you won’t need to scratch your head or look it up on Google. Loco Motive has a release window of Q1 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Robobeat by Simon Fredholm

A Finger Guns favourite at last year’s EGX, Robobeat is the latest in the rhythm FPS genre. Games like these are often oozing with style and this solo-developed game by Simon Fredholm is no different. Robobeat delivers a futuristic sci-fi setting, as you play a bounty hunter en route to their latest target. You’ll be pushed to master the art of sliding, bunny hopping, wall running and shooting to the rhythm of an electronic soundtrack whilst exploring procedurally generated levels.

If the game’s music isn’t your style, you’ll also be able to add your own songs and edit them to the levels to match your perfect playstyle. Robobeat looks slick, action-packed and innovative for its genre and we can’t wait to check it out. The game has a release window of 2024 for PC.

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Post Trauma by Red Soul Games

We had our first glimpse at Post Trauma at the 2022 Game Awards and we were immediately arrested by the creepy visuals, the civilian-like quality of the protagonist and the chilling gameplay. Post Trauma follows Roman, a train conductor, who’s found himself trapped in a horrifying nightmare beyond reality. And it’s not London Euston on Christmas Eve. Roman must traipse through the horrors of his own fears and imagination to get back to his family, though it’s not all made up, as danger lurks in the darkest corners that threaten his life.

The developers at Red Soul Games have taken great inspiration from the classics in survival horror that we’ve seen over the past decades. Silent Hill is an apt comparison, but it’s fair to say how The Evil Within the game also looks. Post Trauma will feature fixed-camera angles, brutal and methodical combat, as well as an entrancing soundtrack to offer unimaginable horrors. Post Trauma doesn’t have an official release window, but we’re hoping it’ll land in 2024 for PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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Synergy by Leikir Studio

Synergy is a promising new city-building survival sim that pits your settlement against harsh weather conditions. Whilst the world is mesmerising, it’s also harsh and unforgiving. Knowing your townspeople and their adaptation to the landscape is the key to thriving, with their happiness being paramount. As you explore the area, you can scan the plants and other regional fauna to add to your knowledge book, bolstering your chances of building a successful city as you garner natural renewable energy from the world around you.

With multiple avenues of research from technology to culture, each path leads you down to different projects and revolutionizing your buildings. The game features a stunning vibrant art style that perfectly depicts the beauty and danger of the game’s world. Synergy has a release window of Q1 2024 for PC.

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Animal Well by Shared Memory

Visually and audibly intricate, this exceptionally designed 2D pixel art spelunking adventure has been a long time coming from Billy Basso at Shared Memory. Since the big announcement of Videogamedunkey’s BigMode publishing Animal Well, all eyes are on this double debut, and first impressions are great.

Animal Well is described as a surreal and dense adventure into an unknown labyrinth, filled with beautiful and unsettling creatures. With an extensive amount of puzzles to solve and items to collect that alter environments in meaningful ways, the game looks to have a lot more going on under the surface. Animal Well has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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HORSES by Andrea Luco Borlea

Santa Ragione has had a recent streak of publishing off-the-wall titles that have been exciting, terrifying or excitingly terrifying. Horses looks to be no different, maybe even a plunge too far for those faint of heart. The game is a first-person horror that sees you working the Summer at a horse farm, with a few rules to follow. As the days go on and the night fades, the innocent facade of a rural horse farm starts to crumble.

Will you survive the Summer, or be a victim of the enigmatic horse farm? Horses will come with a censored version for streamers at launch, which is a clear indication of things to come with this game. You have been warned. Horses has a release window of some time in 2024 with platforms yet to be announced.

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INDIKA by Odd Meter

Whilst we’re talking about the strange, here is another indie game from Odd Meter, with their third-person narrative adventure Indika. Set in the XIX Century in an alternative Russia, the game follows a young nun who sets off on a journey of self-discovery, with help from none other than the devil himself. Religious visions clash with harsh realities as the young nun Indika’s companionship with the devil sets her on a mind-bending voyage outside of the monastery walls.

The story is described as a blend of comedy and tragedy, with inspiration from authors Dostoyevski and Bulhakov. Indika looks to challenge subjects of religion and authority as it treads ethical norms – hopefully for the right reason and not to be outright shocking. Indika has a release window of Q1 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Pine Hearts by Hyper Luminal Games

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the last two then, is the wholesome puzzle adventure Pine Hearts. Developed by Hyper Luminal Games from Scotland, the game’s backdrop is distinctly based on their hometown. This was another indie game at last year’s EGX and the only one with accessible controls at the booth. There’s a big emphasis on accessibility in Pine Hearts, with a great deal already listed on their Steam page that’s definitely worth checking out.

You play as Tyke, who’s returning to Pine Hearts caravan park after the passing of his father. It’s been a long time since Tyke has been there, so his journey is filled with memories that you’ll find during your ascent up the mountain. The developers wanted their focus away from combat and instead made it completely about an item-based progression. The environments are unwinding and intertwined, with a whole bunch of characters to talk to along your journey. It’s shaping up to be one of the most heartwarming and cosy games for this year and we’re looking forward to Pine Hearts, releasing in early 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Demonschool by Necrosoft Games

Demonschool is a horror tactics RPG that sees you defeating foes across the real and demon world as you try to fit into your new school on a mysterious island. You play as Faye, the last in line of a demon hunting family who’s a new student at the university. Accompanying her is a gang of “misfits” that span across the multiple variations of its gameplay. Pursue relationships with any of the 15 companions to further their bond and plan your days/weeks ahead of time to enhance their skills and abilities.

On the other side of the gameplay is the tactics-style combat. Demonschool has a grid-based system that your team and foes will use turns to navigate across; forcing you to think carefully between the moves you make and the attacks you take (they’ll be watching you). Rewind time during combat to fix any mistakes and pull off purifying combos to send the grotesque demons packing. Ysbryd Games has been publishing some stellar narratives recently with the likes of World of Horror and No Place for Bravery, making Demonschool definitely one to watch. The game has a release window of Q2 2024 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Duck Detective: The Secret Salami by Happy Broccoli Games

Recently shown off at the Winter Day of the Devs, Duck Detective: The Secret Salami takes the Paper Mario style and throws it into an anthropomorphic noir setting. The trailer describes the game as having Return of the Obra Dinn style gameplay, meaning your investigation and perceptive skills are the key to solving the case. Pick out visual clues from many of the characters you face and question them appropriately to peel back this onion of a salami. Complete with cosy vibes and duck-based detective puns, Duck Detective: The Secret Salami aims to be a short jaunt into the zoo of conspiracies but dense with possible avenues for the culprit. The game has a release window of 2024 for PC.

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Heartworm by Vincent Adinolfi

The creator of this entry has such a profound love for survival horror classics like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, that it seems fitting to create a love letter showcasing their passion. Bubbling for a few years in development is Heartworm, a retro-inspired survival horror. The game will have fixed camera angles with modern improvements, pre-render cut scenes, unique gameplay mechanics – like using a camera for combat, and an undeniable level of atmosphere.

You play as Sam, obsessed with the recent deaths of those close to her. This drives her to scour the internet, participating in forums and uncovering uncanny stories; unveiling the mystery of a house on top of a hill with a connection to the afterlife. Obviously, the next step for Sam is to investigate, despite no one ever coming back after visiting the house – forcing her to face the consequences. Adinolfi wants to tell an impactful story about the memories we keep and the ones we forget. Couple this with the survival horror parameters and we’re looking at something that’s bound to be incredible. Heartworm has a tentative release of 2024 for PC.

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Baby Steps by Bennett Foddy, Maxi Boch and Gabe Cuzzillo

Bennett Foddy made a viral smash back in 2017 with Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. The game was a tough-as-nails physics-based platformer that saw you climbing a mountain with a sledgehammer in a pot. The oddity coupled with the gameplay was a 1-2 punch of absurdity, making it a memorable title. For Maxi Boch and Gabe Cuzillo, they made the top-down jazz-fueled smash ’em up, Ape Out. Another incredible, yet absurd title.

So what happens when these brilliant minds come together? Baby Steps. The game is a similarly physics-based platform adventure filled with oddball comedy. You play as Nate, a human QWOP taking his first steps after learning he can walk. You’ll be exploring scenic vistas as you ascend a mountainous mountain, with a plethora of soundscapes that capture all of the dev’s previous work into one succinct and potentially awesome game. Baby Steps has a release window of 2024 for PC and PlayStation 5.

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Holstin by Sonka

Every time new footage of Holstin has been shown off, the more incredibly ambitious the game looks. What first appears to be an isometric survival horror quickly turns into a camera-shifting, level-altering horror puzzler. Each space is handcrafted in intricate pixel art detail from every angle that points to potential answers to puzzles, secrets, or even revealing a light source to fend off the mould infesting the quiet Polish town. Combat then switches to over-the-shoulder similar to modern survival horrors, making Holstin an exciting blend of gameplay elements.

The year is 1992. You play as Tomasz who’s looking for his friend after their silence got worrying. However, the missing friend instantly becomes the last thing to worry about as an unidentifiable slime is corrupting the townspeople, bringing the worst out in people and even violence. Uncovering the truth will come at a cost, but is it worth the sacrifice? Holstin has a potential release window of 2024 and is scheduled for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Cataclismo by Digital Sun

Digital Sun’s debut, Moonlighter, had a fantastic mix of Zelda-like dungeon crawling and cosy management sim that saw you running a shop filled with spoils from the former. So to see their new game be an approach to real-time strategy is surprising. But in Digital Sun we trust, as they come across as having omniscient levels of genre and a knack for blending genres. Whilst Cataclismo is an overall RTS, you’ll also be managing your castle grounds. You’ll have an almost endless amount of customizability for your creations as you build your castles brick-by-brick, to then defend them from the horrors of the mist.

Digital Sun has pointed to LEGO as a big inspiration for their building elements, with an aspiration of a 30-hour campaign tied to the game – complete with voice acting and cut scenes. The Cataclismo left the world broken but with the prospect of rebuilding and learning the mechanics, maybe the hope will live on. Moreover from the campaign, there will also be Skirmish, Endless Waves and Creative modes to make Cataclismo endlessly replayable. The game has a release window of Q2 2024 for PC.

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Hyper Light Breaker by Heart Machine

Hyper Light Breaker is the third title from the LA-based studio, Heart Machine. The developers look to have taken lessons from both previous games – Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash – to make their most ambitious game yet. The title shares most of the same name as Heart Machine’s debut, so expect some connections to Drifter, but perhaps not a direct sequel. You play as an unnamed mercenary in part procedurally generated, part hand-crafted world of Overgrowth.

Brimming with bounties for you to acquire, as well as discovering the mysteries the world has to offer, the space you occupy is never the same upon return. The game will feature roguelite mechanics and has been compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild meets Dead Cells/Hades by the Creative Director. Promising free-flowing exploration and combat with that signature Heart Machine finesse, Hyper Light Breaker should release on Steam Early Access release in 2024.

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Resistor by Long Way Home

You can almost smell the petrol watching the trailer for Resistor, a turbo-charged narrative-driven RPG. The team at Long Way Home have decades of experience between them from a sprawling field of games. This time, they’ve banded together to take their own road, exploring game design and concepts that they feel haven’t been seen before. Resistor wears many car equivalents of hats – tyres? By showcasing a breadth of gameplay elements like vehicular combat, managing relationships taking on challenges from a big cast of characters.

The story takes place in 2060, governments have been destroyed and in their place are corporation-controlled states, shielded away from one another. To keep the peace between these states, the corporations take turns hosting an annual tournament, where the best challengers compete in a death race. For Aster, this means a shot at enough money to help their ailing mother, but the idyllic utopia may not be as it seems. A battle to win becomes a battle with the powers that be when Resistor releases in 2024 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Skate Story by Sam Eng

It’s been years since the first trailer for Skate Story dropped and I still catch myself singing the Blood Cultures song featured in it. Skate Story is a trippy manifestation of the underworld where you play a demon, kickflipping your way through The Emptylands. Made out of glass and pain, you’ll be skating to save the tortured and destroy demons as you journey to swallow the moon for freedom.

With over 70 tricks to perfect and a soundtrack from Blood Cultures as well as additional tracks from John Fio, Skate Story promises to be an all-encompassing atmospheric journey with a challenge. Complete skate trials for new tricks, gear and bragging rights and skate fast. Skate Story has a release window of 2024, currently only for PC and Mac, but maybe some more platforms in the future.

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Europa by Novadust Entertainment

Europa is a moon, terraformed by Jupiter’s shadow. You play as Zee, an android searching for answers, exploring the ruins of a lost utopia – ultimately to uncover the story of the last human alive. The game looks lush and is one of the closest ways to freely explore a world you could easily compare to a Studio Ghibli film.

The main gameplay loop is just to simply explore openly with your Zephyr jetpack, uncovering puzzles and upgrading your jetpack so you can reach the further edges of Europa. The game looks to be incredibly meditative, telling a story of growing up and humanity’s relationship to nature. Europa releases on April 16th, 2024 for PC. You can play the demo right now.

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Hauntii by Moonloop Games

Hauntii’s director Leo Dasso spoke to The Guardian about the game’s main theme, death, an extreme but important aspect to explore. As humans who often have to cope with this experience, Dasso spoke about how necessary it is to indulge the aspect with a positive outlook. Hauntii is an isometric adventure that sees you haunting the environment and inhabitants to solve puzzles and partake in combat scenarios. You play as the titular Hauntii who’s traversing the world of Eternity – a place that exists out of space and where all souls end up.

Every soul in Eternity is on a journey to a central tower to help them ascend – with the assistance of glowing creatures known as Eternians. Are they angels? That’s for you to discover as you learn more about the world. Completely hand-crafted with a gorgeous tonal art style, the game features twin-stick shooting, but slow and contemplative traversal for you to soak up the scenery. Uncover Constellations that aid you in finding out Hauntii’s past life. The game has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Crow Country by SFB Games

There have been multiple survival horrors on this list at this point. All of them have had inspirations from the PSX era, but Crow Country looks to be closest to actually playing a game from that time. With bulky almost PlayStation-era Final Fantasy-inspired visuals, pre-rendered backgrounds and classic survival horror item puzzles, Crow Country ticks all the boxes. The year is 1990. The closure of Crow Country theme park sparks the disappearance of Edward Crow.

For years there’s been silence on the matter until Mara Forest breaks into the heart of the park in order to find him. There’s a tangible sense of place with the game, as the deeply atmospheric and engaging puzzles create tension for old-school survival horror fans. For those not wanting a less spooky experience, the game at launch will have an ‘Exploration Mode’ so you can play the game challenge free. Crow Country has a release window 2024 for PC and PlayStation 5 & 4.

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Parcel Corps by Billy Goat Entertainment

Initially shown off at this year’s Summer Game Fest, during the PC Gaming Show, Parcel Corps is pedalling to deliver us an extreme postal service very soon. Think of Parcel Corps as Jet Set Radio Future meets Totally Reliable Delivery Service, as the game is described to be a high-octane thrill ride with whacky characters, and it looks to be a total blast. This trailer shows off some of the technical side of the gameplay, mainly the manoeuvrability that’ll task you to master the skillset of the bike.

The game takes place in New Island as three competing postal services aim to be the best in the city. You pick between one of the three, set up your ride and pursue your deliveries in style. Featuring an exciting free-flowing level design across nine regions – all of which are satirising the gig economy, media influencers and more. Not to mention a totalitarian government to overthrow in the process. Parcel Corps has a release window of 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

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Neva by Nomada Studio

After the sumptuously designed Gris in 2018, we here at Finger Guns were eagerly anticipating what Nomada Studio would get up to next. Thankfully, we got the announcement of Neva during a PlayStation Showcase early in 2023 and now we’re eagerly anticipating the release. It was a given that Neva was going to look absolutely gorgeous, but Nomada Studio doesn’t just make pretty games, but very thought provoking narratives too.

The story follows Alba, bound to a young wolf cub after a traumatic encounter with dark forces. During their perilous journey together, they witness the dying world around them, as they learn to work together over time. Creating a bond and learning each other’s abilities unlock as the pair try to build a new home together. Neva has a tentative release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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Gori: Cuddly Carnage by Angry Demon Studio

You’re a cat. With a hoverboard. Killing sadistic infected unicorns. Fan reactions have endearingly called Gori: Cuddly Carnage a PS3 game and I can feel the reverence players have when they say this. Gori feels like a return to an era where the goal of any game is to be heaps of fun. This game just does that as there’s a whacky cyberpunk setting, with some Deadpool meta-commentary comedy going on and a propensity to not give a f***.

The game is a third-person action game that I can only really compare to Devil May Cry meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. As your ship crash lands on a planet full of zombie-like monsters plaguing the planet, Gori tries to find a new ship. The journey is filled with hacking and slashing in virtuoso style, using combos and skate traversal to really be a cat with claws. Gori: Cuddly Carnage has a tentative date of this year as it releases on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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The Rise of the Golden Idol by Color Gray Games

The Case of the Golden Idol was a beloved debut from Color Gray Games. The game’s open approach to solving the mystery could have easily been a directionless endeavour. However, the sense of world and a great cast of characters made it feel like a true detective game. The success and innovation meant that naturally there’d be a sequel on its way for all those amateur sleuths out there. And it’s coming sooner thank you think.

The Rise of the Golden Idol fast-forwards to the 1970s, following 15 strange cases of crime, death and depravity. The Golden Idol is a mere myth these days, but that doesn’t stop a relic hunter on a quest to seek the powerful artifact, said to reshape the world. Observe freely, build your own theories and become embroiled in a wider mystery that up the stakes from the first game. The Rise of the Golden Idol has a release window of 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Netflix.

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Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop by Beard Envy

PC Gamer has described Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop as an interactive, deadlier episode of Regular Show. If you’ve been under a rock or pride yourself on being “too old” for shows on Cartoon Network then, firstly, you’re missing out not only on an apt comparison but also on some great TV. That’s right, visually Uncle Chop’s is something you’d change the channel to on a Saturday morning, where you’d get maybe 16 minutes of an episode, followed by the dirge of capitalistic intent of advertisement. Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop is the perfect remedy, as it satirises capitalism and looks fun doing so, as you run a service station on an unfrequented asteroid.

Each customer you meet is rich with oddities about them that’ll make you chuckle. As well as featuring a great deal of creative minigames that mimic the work you need to do for customers. From simple refuel jobs to total overhauls, get ready to frantically fumble, slice, loosen, tighten, grab and drop – all in a day’s work. There’s a core roguelike element to the game that sees you paying R.E.N.T. Failure in that terminates your run, but hopefully, the upgrades you buy along the way will make each run easier. Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Keepsake County by Forward Instinct

If the last entry could fit into Cartoon Network, then this next one would fit nicely on Adult Swim. Forward Instinct are on a mission to make games with distinct visuals about unexamined niches, landscapes and points of view. And after watching the trailer for their new game, Keepsake County, it’s fair to say mission success. You play as a burglar, out in the sticks of the Midwest of America, to steal a load of goods before getting caught. However, you’ll have to think on your feet and react accordingly as the houses you’re heisting are procedurally generated, making every playthrough interesting.

Whilst the wonderfully hand-drawn characters of Keepsake County may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, they’re not completely senseless either. They all have built-in systems to hear sketchy sounds, notice items being stolen and whether or not doors have been picklocked. The game is a playground of stealth and stealing as there are endless ways to pull off your heist. You’ll be able to upgrade your tools of the trade during each run at the hub, making each journey a worthwhile endeavour. Keepsake County has a release window of 2024 for PC and Mac. You can check out the demo on Steam right now.

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Crypt Custodian by Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson has been making some really fun and visually stunning Metroidvanias over the past few years. With the release of Sheepo and Islets showcasing his innate skill in the respective genre, why not go three for three with Crypt Custodian? This time around, however, we’re seeing a shift in perspective as Crypt Custodian is an isometric experience. The change in direction gives us an even better look at Thompson’s lovely painterly art style, as well as changing the approach to combat.

You play as Pluto, a cat who’s recently arrived in the afterlife to clean up the place. As the afterworld’s janitor, you’ll be hanging out with fellow doomed souls, exploring a vast and interconnected landscape and discovering all the secrets the afterworld holds. During your trips into the dungeons of the game, you’ll be finding new abilities to help you with your travels and combat – all in the name of defeating the epic bosses that lie in the darkest corners. Crypt Custodian has a release window of 2024 for PC.

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Ghost Bike by Messhof

Ghost Bike is a far cry from Messhof’s last crop of releases. Nidhogg 1 & 2 were aggressive, chaotic and could turn best friends into lifelong enemies through their brutally brilliant tug-of-war style jousting. Ghost Bike, on the inverse, looks contemplative, meditative and just overall serene. You play as a street-wise biker, on a journey to revive the last of the Ghost Bikes, a group of magical couriers who would travel between life and death.

As a human, travelling to the afterlife will take something special. Your Ghost Bike is in a sorry state, forcing you to challenge souls in a test of speed and skill to win back the Ghost power. The game has a delightful stylized semi-open world for you to explore, with an emphasis on players going at their own pace to beat the challenges. Customise your back, indulge in the many facets of bike culture and enjoy an original soundtrack of various artists from the Italians Do It Better music label, when Ghost Bike hopefully rides into 2024 for PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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SULFUR by Perfect Random

Shown off at the 2023 PC Gaming Show was an exciting debut from Perfect Random. Sulfur has a dynamic approach to its FPS combat. If you want to execute a perfect plan ahead of time or go in guns blazing, Sulfur accommodates each style of gameplay, by fusing old-school and modern elements. Find treasure, improve your weapons and harness powers as you delve deeper into the darkness. The deeper you go, the more you’ll find; with answers revealing themselves to those who listen to the characters you come across. Sulfur’s low poly art style and engrossing atmosphere are a perfect combination to match the fast-paced vicious combat. The game has a release window of 2024 for PC.

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Pepper Grinder by Ahr Ech

Pepper Grinder is an action-packed 2D adventure with a twist on the traditional platforming formula. You guessed it, the drill lets you dig through the earth. Your dolphin-like movement provides free-flowing traversal through land and sea as you take on the evil denizens. You play as the titular Pepper, a seafarer who loves to prospect with their super-powered drill, Grinder. Left shipwrecked and robbed of her treasures, Pepper is on a quest to take back what’s hers from the nefarious Narlings.

The vibrant and opulent art style lends itself so well to refreshing platforming, making Pepper Grinder a really exciting entry on this list. During your journey, you’ll be finding treasures to help you upgrade your equipment to expand your abilities – opening up new paths on the map and introducing smart puzzles. Pepper Grinder has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Botany Manor by Balloon Studios

You are cordially invited to Botany Manor, a stately home in 19th-century England. The game is a peaceful first-person exploration puzzler within the manor’s walls. You play as Arabella Greene, a retired botanist, exploring your home of gardens filled with research. Your goal is to discover the forgotten fauna and work out their perfect conditions to unlock the special qualities they hold. Across the manor are a variety of items to aid you in your research and room by room you learn more about Arabella’s life – diving deep into the difficulties she faced being a woman with a scientific career. Botany Manor has a release window of Q2 2024 for PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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The Mermaid’s Tongue by SFB Games

The brothers at SFB Games aren’t releasing just one game in 2024, but two! The Mermaid’s Tongue is a follow-up to the beloved crime puzzler, Tangle Tower, as Detective Grimoire and Sally are investigating yet another nautical murder. The captain of the strangest submarine, Magnus Mortuga, has been killed. Found in a locked room with an ancient stone cauldron. Was it a crewmate? Or something stranger?

The investigation takes the pair into bizarre truths that bubble beneath the surface. You’ll be able to explore all of the nooks and crannies of the fully hand-painted Mortuga Submarine, backed by a soundtrack performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra. Every clue is 3D rendered to be examined, with a fully voiced cast of characters to question. The Mermaid’s Tongue has a release window of 2024.

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Townseek by Whales and Games

If you’re looking for something so laid back you’ll almost be vertical, then look no further than Townseek. An exploration game all about travelling the world, trading with residents and collecting everything on your travels to fill out your journal. You’ll be sailing through the world of Europa as you discover the lost legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston. Discover lost landmarks, fish, mine, farm and make a name for yourself. The cosy hand crafted art style feels like a warm blanket and the zero pressure gameplay makes for an ultimate relaxing experience for a collectathon. Townseek has a release window of 2024 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Paper Trail by Newfangled Games

Paper Trail is a top-down paper puzzler about leaving home. Set in a foldable, paper world. You play as Paige, leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. The gameplay consists of puzzles that see you manipulating and folding the world around Paige to help her on her travels. Along the journey, you’ll meet a cast of characters that inspire Paige’s knowledge of the world around her, giving her a deeper meaning in life, whilst learning the lost secrets. Newfangled Games has used a mixed-media approach with watercolour painting and printmaking, giving the game a delightful paper-like experience, whilst looking exquisite in the process. Paper Trail has a release window of 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile and PC.

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Hades II by Supergiant Games

This sequel doesn’t need any introduction. Supergiant Games took their time with Hades by releasing it in Early Access, only to then deliver a 1.0 that blew the roguelike doors off its hinges, as well as introducing a massive audience to the genre. Hades II felt inevitable, but still a tremendous surprise at 2022’s The Game Awards and since then we’ve been eagerly anticipating to see more. This time around, you play as Melinoë, sister of Zagreus from the first game, taking on the Titans of Time with the power of the Olympian Gods behind you.

With new faces and old ones returning to help you on your journey, Hades II looks to expand its arsenal of weapons and boons to deliver a deeper, endlessly replayable sequel. Hades’ approach to storytelling through failure and accomplishments continues, as every run has a purpose, even if you’re defeated. Hades II is taking the same approach by releasing on Steam Early Access hopefully Q2 of 2024 and we just can’t wait to take on the Underworld once more.

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Have we missed a game? Let us know.

Hopefully you’ve found some indie gems to look forward to this year. We are sure to have missed some titles but as always Finger Guns will be making a monthly list of indie games to be excited about throughout the year. Release windows are subject to change, but you can contact us on our socials or email at if you want Finger Guns to showcase your indie games from February onwards. Until next month!

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