December 10, 2023
Please Touch The Artwork
Inspired by famous Mondrian paintings, 'Please, Touch The Art Work' lands on Nintendo Switch in September with a demo to try now.

Inspired by famous Mondrian paintings, ‘Please, Touch The Art Work’ lands on Nintendo Switch in September with a demo to try now., the indie publisher behind the console versions of Stilstand, Cosmic Top Secret and Arrog, have today announced the release date for their next Nintendo Switch title – ‘Please, Touch The Art Work’.

Entirely designed and developed by one Belgian man, Thomas Waterzooi, ‘Please, Touch The Art Work’ will be launching on Nintendo Switch on September 3rd, 2022 (store link). The game has already obtained many awards for its innovative blend of modern art, puzzle mechanics and poetic storytelling, including the “Best Art” award at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Developer Waterzooi began work on the game when he looked at some abstract art work and thought to himself “…but anyone could have painted this!”.

“I made this game because I wanted to explore my complex relationship with modern art. What should I feel? Can my little sister do this? I’m still not 100% sure, but I do know that modern art has had an impact on everything and everyone in the world today. And so I hope my game can have an impact as well”

Rather than answer the questions at the core of enjoying modern art, ‘Please, Touch The Art Work’ has mechanics and stories inspired by famous Mondrian paintings. It then lets people engage with them and lets them make their own mind up.

The game contains over 160 puzzles, broken down into 3 different themes – De Stijl (The Style), Boogie Woogie and New York City – based on artwork by by Piet Mondrian.

Despite looking quite complex at first glance, accessibility is a key tenet of ‘Please, Touch The Art Work’. There’s no time pressures on the puzzles and no skills required with hints should you get stuck. The game is played purely on the Nintendo Switch touch screen, comes with big text mode, colour-blind mode and is suitable for anyone 12 ages and up.

We’ll have a review for ‘Please, Touch The Art Work’ at Finger Guns soon but if you’d like get your hands on it before release to make your own mind up, there’s a demo you can play available now by clicking here.

To continue to follow the development of the game ahead of its September 3rd release, make sure to follow on Twitter.

Please Touch The Artwork Switch

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