June 17, 2024
17 minutes, to add to the previous 18 minutes, plus 2 minutes ...

If you were lucky enough to get down to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and then prepared to queue for a couple of hours, you were able to get your hands on an exclusive playable level of Lords of the Fallen in the last few days. Now, with Gamescom ending, the folks at CI Games have released seventeen minutes of uninterrupted gameplay, taking place in a previously never-before-seen area, Fitzroy Gorge, and including an epic battle against scourge of the Mournstead skies, the Lightreaper and his three-headed, winged monstrosity. Check it out in full below.

If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the last two trailers and our extended previous coverage. Gameplay Trailer drop and Story Trailer.

From the Press Releases –

Alongside the living realm, Axiom, exists its undead counterpart, Umbral, with each realm featuring its own unique pathways, enemies, characters, and, of course, treasures. Equipped with the Umbral Lamp, players can cross over to this parallel world at any time, however, doing so will use one of their two lives. As for when a player dies in the living realm, they will automatically resurrect in the exact same spot albeit in the undead realm, for one final chance to survive… though the odds will be against them.

After an age of the cruelest tyranny, the demon God, Adyr, was finally defeated. But Gods… do not fall forever. Now, aeons later, Adyr’s resurrection draws nigh. As one of the fabled Dark Crusaders, journey through both the realms of the living and the dead in this expansive RPG experience, featuring colossal boss battles, fast challenging combat, thrilling character encounters, and deep, immersive storytelling. Will your legend be one of light… or one of darkness?

Lords of the Fallen is available to pre-order now on high-end PC’s, and current-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and releases Friday 13th October 2023.

Source – Press Release

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