Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date And Details Revealed

Not sure it’s even possible to miss trailer drops this big. You’d have to be an off-the-grid hermit, and then you’d miss this notification too. But just in case, someone out there missed it last night – there’s a massive earth-shattering spoiler-filled release date trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Part Two of the Remake trilogy. Dropping as the killer end to Sony’s strong State Of Play showcase, there’s everything fans could ever want to know in here. Check it out, and when you’ve finished salivating, let’s talk.

So firstly, we have a release date – the highly anticipated new installment in the trilogy will debut on February 29th, 2024 for the PlayStation 5. The subsequent buzz and tidbits from producers has revealed the extent of this entry takes us to the end of disc 1 in the original game – the Lost Capital for those in the know. They have also said that Wutai won’t feature, but no other exclusions have been mentioned. There’s a lot of confirmed locations, and therefore parts of the story – Cosmo Canyon, Gold Saucer, Junon. Keen-eyed fans have noted what looks like Mideel, which might be reordered events as this used to happen after the Lost Capital. Strangely very little confirmed of Rocket Town or Corel, so have they been axed? Hey, we were there with a pretty accurate guess back in 2021 – check out our estimate of the shape of the game before any of this was known.

From the Press Release – The action-packed trailer features iconic characters Cloud, Aerith, Barret and Tifa in a sci-fi and fantasy-inspired world teeming with danger at every turn. The unlikely heroes join forces with new playable companions, including Yuffie, a member of Wutai’s elite corps of ninja operatives, Red XIII, a beast with a flaming tail who offers words of wisdom to Cloud’s party from time to time, and Cait Sith, a wisecracking, feline-shaped robot often seen poised atop his big moogle pal, to hunt down Sephiroth, the one-winged angel bent on ruling the planet.

Players will take these characters into battle and use powerful synergy abilities to strengthen their bonds further while tackling dangerous fiends. As players journey across a vast, vibrant world ripe for exploration and discover classic locales reimagined in dazzling detail, they will also encounter dozens of hours of rewarding side content and mini-games, in addition to the rich side stories about the planet’s incredible people and cultures.

Producers on the project have also said that with Gold Saucer, mini-games, and the extensive amount of story covered, the game easily hits around 100 hours of play. We can’t wait.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH will be available exclusively for the PS5 on the 29th February 2024.

Source: Press Release.

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