April 17, 2024
Absolute fire.

Way back in the Before Times of 2019, Rossko and Greg headed to EGX Rezzed (check with your parents) and were the first people in Europe to play a video game called Embr, an absolutely bonkers firefighting sim that was a perfect way to start a weekend of reckless video game playings. Back then, when we could all huddle together and for some reason not care at all about each other’s bodily stuffs landing on our person, Embr landed on Steam Early Access (and Stadia….because why not) and remained there for over eighteen months.

Now, at last, the full version is ready to rock and is coming to consoles for the very first time.

Developed by Muse Games and published by those lovely folk at Curve Digital, Embr will arrive on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch on the 23rd September, with physical releases coming to PlayStation and Switch the following day on the 24th.

So what do you need to know about Embr? Well, it’s a multiplayer firefighting sim, with sim being the loosest possible meaning of that phrase perhaps ever conceived. You’re tasked with putting out fires and rescuing residents by chucking them out of windows on the ground below rather than heroically carrying them out in slow-motion like an emotionally-charged episode of London’s Burning. Remember that show? Anyone?

You can work alone or as a team tackling fires and picking up tips, working towards the elusive five-star rating every firefighter really does the job for.

You can take a look at the full release trailer below. We’re super excited for this;

Source [Press Release]

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