TGS 2020 – New Gameplay Shown For Resident Evil Village

During Capcom’s section in the Tokyo Game Show today, the showed off more information about Resident Evil Village, demonstrating a far larger and more ambitious game in the works than Resident Evil 7 was.

You can check out the short new gameplay reveal below, with one of the lead developers discussing the more expansive world and the multi-route approach to the large mansion and surrounding areas, and to the puzzles you will encounter.

We are getting Resident Evil One vibes from the extensive mansion shots on show.

There were also new story details hinted at…

Resident Evil Village will star Ethan Winters, a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7, now living peacefully with his wife Mia. Village’s story starts with him being disturbed from his new life by none other than Chris Redfield.

We got a quick look at some of the new creatures too, like this freakish nightmare. They move fast, and hunt in packs. Charming.

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