December 10, 2023
Saturnalia Review PC
With spooky season in the rear mirror, what better time to revisit the indie horror gem Saturnalia?

Saturnalia is hitting Steam shelves today. Well, metaphorical shelves that is, given it’s a digital storefront and all. The indie horror sensation is finally landing on Steam’s pages, having been exclusive to the Epic Games Store since its launch last year, followed by a digital console release.

To celebrate the long-awaited release on Steam, you can check out a lovely new trailer proudly displaying its accolades and review scores (spoiler alert: it did well!).

In more exciting news, Santa Ragione have teamed up with Limited Run Games to release console physical copies of the game for PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch, with pre-orders launching December 22nd. There are more details on the way for this, but safe to say that Saturnalia has succeeded well enough to warrant multiple launches and now even a physical edition, it’s a time for terrifying celebration.

Who doesn’t want to be chased by a horrific creature just in time for the holidays? It’s like Santa, only he’s possessed and instead of presents, he gifts you a ritualistic end. Chirpy. Where’s the Christmas number one for that?

In case you missed it, Santa Ragione’s next title, menacingly called HORSES, premiered a new trailer at the Indie Horror Showcase you can check it out right here:

Yeah, that game is going to be quite something.

Santa Ragione appears to be on a roll, so while you wait to tend your HORSES you can get sucked back into the terrifying, twisty alleys of Sardinia once again, on Steam this time!

Source: Press Release

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