May 20, 2024
Saturnalia. Kojima. 'Gamers'. We have a lot to talk about.

This week on The Finger Guns Podcast Rossko, Miles, Kat and Josh talk the week’s news with Hideo Kojima starting the hype train for this new project by stating it’s a ‘whole new medium’…um, whatever that could possibly mean.

We try and decipher what on earth he’s up to and see if it’s at all related to his rumoured horror game ‘Overdose’ or if he’s taking Death Stranding 2 in a wild new direction.

Elsewhere we talk yet again about the stigma of being called a ‘gamer’. After a research study was revealed claiming that those who identify as ‘gamers’ are more likely to be racist and sexist, we try to break down what studies like this really mean and if we can at all stomach the phrase ‘gamer’ at all and what it really means to the general populous.

Are we all tarred with the same brush? And why is it exclusively video games that seems to be the punch bag for this? We discuss.

Besides, with the news that Naughty Dog themselves are working with a brand new Sony studio to create a new entry in a ‘beloved franchise’, we have some fun trying to guess what on earth it could be.

Will it be a new entry in a Naughty Dog franchise or has Sony thrown them something from their esteemed back catalogue we haven’t seen for a while? Time will tell, but boy it’s fun to speculate.

Game of the Week of course returns with Kat talking Broken Pieces, Miles finally getting to talk about possibly his game of the year, Saturnalia, Josh talks the last few hours of Fortnite’s halloween content, Fortnitemares, and Rossko finally jumps into retro compilation Sonic Origins.

Furthermore, Josh also talks more horror movies with a review of Barbarian, Rossko randomly has Top Gun Maverick land on his door and has finally seen The Batman and Kat recommends food. We’re nothing if not especially consistent here at The Finger Guns Podcast.

Enjoy the episode!

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