December 8, 2023
Star studded survival horror Alone in the Dark shows off some new gameplay footage ahead of its new date. Details below:

The solemn delay of Alone in the Dark saw the game pushed out of October 2023, with a new date of 16th January 2024. However, with the delay brings more teases towards what we’ll see from it and today we’ve got a brand new look at some gameplay. Here’s more from the press release:

Alone in the Dark is a love letter to the ground-breaking original, allowing players to experience a haunting story through the eyes of one of the two protagonists: play as Edward Carnby, portrayed by David Harbour (Stranger Things, Hellboy), or Emily Hartwood, portrayed by Jodie Comer (Free Guy, Killing Eve) in this reimagined classic survival horror game, where Psychological Horror meets Southern Gothic. Explore your surroundings, battle monsters, solve puzzles, and uncover the unsettling truth of Derceto Manor.

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Here is our extended look at the gameplay:

This reimagining of the 90s classic has us at Finger Guns extremely excited to traipse through Decerto Manor. In addition to the two lead protagonists, we have big names across the entire production. From Mikael Hedberg (SOMA, Amnesia: Dark Descent) working on the story, Guy Davis (Guillermo Del Toro collaborator) behind the monster design and Jason Köhnen composing the spine-chilling Doom Jazz you hear during the footage. As a result, all of them bring together what looks to be a thrilling survival horror to kick off 2024.

Alone in the Dark will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam 16th January 2024.

[Source: Press Release]

Alone in the Dark (2024) - Edward Carnby aiming a pistol at a skeletal figure. Over the shoulder perspective.

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