June 15, 2024
Day of the Devs cover photo for the event
Summer Game Fest has arrived along with another Day of the Devs from Double Fine and iam8bit and we have a full round-up.

Summer Game Fest wrapped last night as we kicked things off with Geoff Keighley’s showcase and ended with Devolver Direct. Sandwiched in between, however, was Double Fine and iam8bit’s Day of the Devs, and what a great bite of indie games it was. If you missed the livestream or don’t want to sift through it to find your favourites, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a full round-up of the stream.

Beastieball by Wishes Ultd.

Starting off Day of the Devs we got our first look at Beastieball. The game sees you coaching a team of beasts in the titular sport as it’s compared to volleyball with monsters. Featuring turn-based tactical RPG mechanics, you’ll train and form relationships between the beasts to further their sporting prowess. Whether it’s through love, rivalry or friendship your beasts will grow and learn together with every pair having their own powers and abilities. Boasting a wonderful 2D hand-drawn art style full of creatively exciting beasts, you’ll be able to play ball in 2024.

You can wishlist Beastieball on Steam here.

Hyper Light Breaker by Heart Machine

The third title from Heart Machine. Hyper Light Breaker looks like they’ve taken lessons from both previous games – Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash – to make their most ambitious game yet. You play as an unnamed mercenary in part procedurally generated, part hand-crafted world of Overgrowth. Brimming with bounties for you to acquire, as well as discovering the mysteries the world has to offer, the world is never the same upon return. The game will feature roguelite mechanics and was compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild meets Dead Cells/Hades by the creative director. Promising free-flowing exploration and combat with that signature Heart Machine finesse, Hyper Light Breaker is planned for a Steam Early Access release later this year.

You can wishlist Hyper Light Breaker on Steam here.

Simpler Times by stoneskip.

The team over at Stoneskip ask you to take things slow when playing Simpler Times. Designed with taking a moment to reflect in mind, Simpler Times is a first-person light-puzzle narrative game. You play as Taina who’s moving out of her home. You pack your belongings across 4 seasons as you engage with items that bring up memories from the past, solving puzzles along the way. With records to spin and childhood toys to configure, you’ll learn all about Taina’s life. I quickly made the comparison of Simpler Times being a mash-up of Season: A Letter to the Future and Unpacking as the game looks to be both cosy and experiential.

You can wishlist Simpler Times on Steam here.

Viewfinder by Sad Owl Studios

Viewfinder has been compared to similar first-person puzzlers like The Witness and Manifold Garden, with somewhat similar mechanics to the Portal games. You’ll be reshaping the world around you as you manipulate and interpolate 2D photos to form 3D platforms to help you proceed through the game. Viewfinder has a focus on the puzzles but Sad Owl Studios promises there’s a mystery to uncover in the world if you’re looking for it. Simplistic, yet bold and colourful in its design, Viewfinder has a 2023 release window coming to PlayStation and PC.

You can wishlist Viewfinder on Steam here.

Hauntii by Moonloop Games

You play as the titular Hauntii who’s traversing the world of Eternity – a place that exists out of space and where all souls end up. Hauntii is an isometric adventure that sees you haunting the environment and inhabitants to solve puzzles and combat scenarios. Completely hand-crafted with a gorgeous tonal art style, the game features twin stick shooting, but slow and contemplative traversal for you to soak up the scenery. Uncover Constellations that aid you in finding out Hauntii’s past life. No release date as of yet, but consider our interest piqued.

You can wishlist Hauntii on Steam here.

Cart Life by Richard Hofmeier and Adhoc Studio

Previously released in 2010 by Richard Hofmeier – winning multiple awards – Cart Life returns with a fresh coat of pixels after being removed from Steam with the help of Adhoc Studio. The game is described as a life-sim where you guide three characters as they run their own street vendors to make ends meet. There’s no one way to complete the game as you manage your budget, serve customers and survive as every decision counts. With an updated black and white 16-bit look, Cart Life looks to release later this year.

You can wishlist Cart Life on Steam here.

Helskate by Phantom Coast

I recently compared another game to Devil May Cry meets Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – now I’m eating my hat because Helskate just asked me to hold their beer as we got our first look at the new game from Phantom Coast. The game is a skateboarding action roguelite that sees you grinding, killing and keeping up your combos for more powerful attacks as you conquer Vertheim. You’ll be able to customise your character and skateboard, that won’t only change you cosmetically, but also give you new stats and abilities to skate and kill in your style. No release date as of yet, but if you know me, you know my eyes are always on the new skating game and Helskate looks great.

You can wishlist Helskate on Steam here.

Henry Halfhead by Lululu Entertainment

Make sure you have your full head as we meet Henry Halfhead. As you might’ve guessed the titular Henry only has half a head, but what he lost in a voice, he’s gained in the art of possessing every household object he can traverse to. You’re narrated on your peculiar yet banal journey of just going about your day. You’ll be solving ‘how to make your bed’ or ‘how to pack a lunch for work’ as you take on different forms. With over 150 playable objects, local co-op and a wholesome story, Henry Halfhead looks very endearing. No date as of yet, but we promise to give you a heads up.

You can wishlist Henry Halfhead on Steam here.

Cocoon by Geometric Interactive

From Jeppe Carlsen, the lead gameplay designer of Limbo and Inside. Cocoon is the debut game from Geometric Interactive. The game transports you into a world within worlds as you’ll be using world-leaping mechanics to solve puzzles. From the isometric perspective, you’ll be able to go in and out of worlds through orbs. You’ll also be able to use the orbs to unlock new abilities to uncover pathways and fire projectiles and defeat the world’s monstrous guardians. No release date as of yet but expect it on consoles and PC.

You can wishlist Cocoon on Steam here.

Été by Impossible

A sumptuous debut from Impossible, Été puts you in the shoes of a promising painter to creatively explore Montreal. From the first-person perspective, you’ll be painting your environments with gorgeous watercolour paints that unlock new places to explore. On your journey, you’ll collect stamps for your journal, as well as creating paintings yourself using the stamps to put on the canvas any which way. Été promises that you’ll enjoy it at your own pace with no fail state, as you accept commissions from the townsfolk. Another with no release date, but you can check back here as and when more info releases.

You can wishlist Été on Steam here.

Summerhill by Land & Sea

Summerhill is a narrative-driven puzzle game that sees you herding sheep across an ancient and pastoral landscape. You play as a young shepherd with their dog as you reunite the scattered flock as well as unearth the mysteries of a long-forgotten past. The developers took a huge inspiration from the real life long tradition of herding sheep, promising a timeless wordless narrative with themes of duty, companionship and morality. With folk inspired music from Todd Baker (Monument Valley, Dreams), Summerhill has impeccable style. Day of the Devs have been the first to announce most of the games, so the running trend is no release date just like this title, but we’re hoping Summerhill will come by.

You can wishlist Summerhill on Steam here.

Eternights by Studio Sai

Part dating sim, part dungeon crawler, all anime action, Eternights gets a release window of Steptember. Explore a post-apocalyptic world filled with love and danger as you partake in fast-paced real-time combat and dating mechanics. You are what stands between the end of humans and the cure as you team up with five romanceable characters, spending the potential last moments on Earth with whoever you chose. Building bonds that can unlock new abilities as well as scavenging dungeons as time ticks closer to the end. With multiple 2D animated cutscenes, Eternights’ unique blend within the anime genre is certainly distinctive and potentially compelling. The game releases on PlayStation 5|4 and PC.

You can wishlist Eternights on Steam here.

Retro Gadgets by Licorice ehf and Studio Evil

Currently in Steam Early Access – Retro Gadgets is a pixel art gadget creator where the possibilities are seemingly endless. Game designer Marco Bancale mentioned how he loves creating real-life gadgets where you can see the parts as well as the results. This game emulates that perfectly as there are so many customisation options to build your very own gadget and it looks so in-depth. Change connect boards, spray paint how you want and even programme the code inside the gadget to make something truly your own.

You can buy Retro Gadgets now for Steam Early Access here.

Mars First Logistics by Shape Shop

Cel-shaded physics-based rover creator – Mars First Logistics – sees you creating and driving your own vehicles to transport goods across the planet of Mars. As you deliver the awkwardly shaped objects you unlock new parts and earn currency to finance your new and potentially disastrous vehicles to continue on your delivering journey. Playable in solo or co-op, the game is coming soon to Steam Early Access. It’s a quirky and inventive looking time that’s sure to get the creative juices flowing.

You can wishlist Mars First Logistics on Steam here.

Saltsea Chronicles by Die Gute Fabrik

The award-winning studio behind Mutazione brings Saltsea Chronicles to close out Day of the Devs. Set in a post-flood world, Saltsea Chronicles is a narrative-driven adventure that sees you finding a kidnapped captain. You’ll explore strange communities whilst uncovering a deep conspiracy. Featuring a print-inspired art-style, how you live amongst the ship’s crew is up to you. Partake in Spoils – a card game designed for Saltsea Chronicles that changes depending who you play with. Get to know your crew with relationship quests that you can resolve or let live as you immerse yourself in the world. Saltsea Chronicles has a release window of 2023 and we’re very excited here at Finger Guns.

You can wishlist Saltsea Chronicles on Steam here.

Summer Game Fest Full Livestream

If you want to catch the full livestream including Day of the Devs you can below:

Day of the Devs is just the start of what appears to be a month chock full of announcements and new details. What an exciting time to be a video game enjoyer. Still to come we have the Wholesome Direct – 5:00 pm BST and The Future Games Show – 6:00 pm BST on June 10th, 2023. Xbox Games Showcase – 6:00 pm BST and PC Gaming Show – 9:00 pm BST on June 11th, 2023 and Ubisoft Forward June 12th – 6:00 pm BST 2023.

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