October 2, 2023
New HD2D RPG Terra Memoria has been announced! And it comes with Anthros!

Back in the day, every turn-based RPG had an anthropomorphic or furry companion in the party – Red XIII, Kimahri, Freya and Fran from assorted Final Fantasy, Cray from Breath of Fire IV, the aptly named Lynx and Frog from the Chrono games. It’s something that’s got a little lost in modern titles, which tend to be all human, or possibly with a mascot like in Persona. Lovely to see then, kicking off Guerilla Collective 2023 last night, Terra Memoria, a cozy turn-based adventure RPG, where it looks like fully three of your six party members are furries. Check out the trailer below!

From the press release – Terra Memoria sends players on a globe-trotting journey full of exploration, crafting, building, and friendship! A shortage of magic crystals and the sudden awakening of ancient robots pushes six new friends into an investigation through Terra, a whimsical and cozy world combining 3D graphics and pixel art. Players control all party members, as each embarks on their own story and brings their unique skills to the table as they engage in Terra Memoria’s turn-based combat.

So its shades of Breath of Fire, Octopath Traveller, and any number of other retro RPGS. The HD2D graphics are screaming Octopath and Triangle Strategy, and setting it up against other RPGs using this style, such as Sacrifire and Eiyuden Chronicles.

In order to save the world players will have to master Terra Memoria’s unique building system that allows them to create all sorts of objects and solve environmental puzzles. “With Terra Memoria we wanted to create a timeless adventure in the style of a classic RPG that offers more modern twists on the genre, like building, cooking, and crafting,” said François Bertrand, Game Director at La Moutarde. “Terra Memoria is an ode to the road trip, with a focus on the bond between friends and found family, as they explore unfamiliar lands together.

No release date as yet, but Terra Memoria is targetting late 2023 on PC (wishlist it now), Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series platforms.

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