A Realms Deep 2022 Round Up – All The Announcements

The boomer shooter fest Realms Deep 2022 delivered some explosive new trailers. Here’s everything announced at the show.

Presented by developers/publishers 3D Realms and friends, Realms Deep 2022 is a celebration of those games that make us tired millennial gamers feel young again. Last year’s event provided footage of games like Amid Evil, Postal 4, KUR, Happy’s Humble Burger Barn, Fashion Police Squad and Severed Steel. It was a pretty fun show with a lot of retro inspired gaming so anticipation was high ahead of Realms Deep 2022.

While the main streaming show took place on September 16th, the entirity of Realms Deep 2022 is set to last until the 18th of September. As part of this event, a massive number of developers have joined together in the Realms Deep 2022 Steam Event. There’s massive discounts, new demo’s, new content and updates and some fresh releases to take in including Metal Hellsinger, Postal Brain Damage and Graven.

So what actually got announced at Realms Deep 2022? Let’s get into it.

Here’s all the big reveals and news from Realms Deep 2022

3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks Announce ‘Phantom Fury’ for 2023

A sequel to Ion Fury, Phantom Fury is coming in 2023.

Phoenix Games Announce Tokyo Underground Killer

Sacrifire Looks Awesome

B.I.O.T.A Swarm Trailer Impresses

Impaler Gets A Cool Trailer

Project Warlock II Is Getting A Big Update With Chapter 2 This Winter

Verge World Gets A New Trailer

The Big Box Edition of Project Warlock Is Signed By Romero and is Filled With Goodies

Enchain – Coming Soon? – To Steam

Hellscreen Episode 1 is coming in 2023

Postal Brain Damage is Getting a Horde Mode this November

Incision Hits Early Access Drenched In Gore

77p egg: Eggwife is… Wild

Wizordum has a demo available now

Fish Person Shooter is now only a good pun – it looks like a fun game too

Coven Looks Fantastic – Try The Demo Now

Tenebris Somnia sounds like an interesting blend of FMV and 2D adventure game

Evil Dead: The Game has a new update

Fortunes Run Looks Amazing – Demo Out Now

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 is available now

Diluvian Ultra looks bonkers

Hyperviolent is exactly what it says on the tin

Alder Choke is beautiful and odd

Compound Fracture continues to look amazing

Sentry Looks Very Cool

Retrowave ’84 is neon tinged and beautiful

Deadlink looks bad ass

Slayer X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer is W I L D

White Hell Trailer Is Here To Impress

The Last Exterminator is Duke Nukem Meets Jane Lynch In Every Movie

A.W.O.L is available now on Steam for FREE

Prodeus looks like Doom but with a lot of customisation and map building – V1.0 on September 23rd.

Chasm The Rift Hits Steam This October

Labyrinth of the Demon King Looks Like a Terrifying PSX Game

The Lost and The Wicked Is Headed to Consoles This Year

KVLT Looks Incredible

Hover Muscle has a muscle car that can fly

Innkeep Is About Running An Inn and…demons?

Dredge Is Going To Be Special

Golf With Friends has a new Sports update

Sprawl looks incredible

I don’t know what Peripeteia is but I’m determined to find out.

Super Buff HD is coming to consoles

Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition is brining the classic back!

Amid Evil The Black Labyrinth Looks Awesome

Cultic Chapter One Has A Release Date

Combustion is PS2 Era Furry Fury.

Warpaws pits Cats vs Dogs – Launching 2023

Make sure to watch Realms Deep 2022 in its entirety for all the trailers.

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