June 17, 2024

Kat Bullock’s Choices

Okay, this was heavily nominated at the GOTY awards, and why wouldn’t it be? HELLO?! It’s Ratchet and Clank AND it’s the PS5. It is a classic that continues to create footsteps in gaming. Arguably carrying the PS5 console alongside Demon Souls since its release, but one that did turn up, and turn up IT DID, was Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank never fails to deviate from what people love about it. Rift Apart was no different. From weapon variety to the sheer graphic proportion that it showcased on the console. Who isn’t having fun turning monsters into garden plants? Shooting their way through various locations whilst collecting items, rescuing friends, and completing puzzle side missions. A brilliant variety of locations as always, and crisp visuals. Falling in love with Kit, and re-experiencing the love and soul felt in the creation.

There is always a commendment needed for any developer who creates sequels, and doesn’t ‘rift apart’ from what is loved in the franchise. I admittedly have not played every single Ratchet and Clank game going, but I have played enough to know that each game keeps getting bigger and better.

Yes okay, it is short, but time flies when you’re having fun.

I often think about A Juggler’s Tale and when you finish a game and think about it a lot, then that is more than worthy of a nod for my personal game of the year. I have played my fair share of puzzle adventures this year, whether it be side scroller, 2D, 3D, sing-a-long you name it, I have played it. A Juggler’s Tale stuck with me, it had a fantastic take on the tropes of a circus fable.

Visually, the design exuded such vibrance, such blast of different shades. It was stunning being encapsulated by dusk to night colour transitions and forest green palletes. You play as Abby, who is a puppet escaping from the circus. Joined by a narrator, he guides you on your path to help escape. The acting is pure and believable from the start. The story engrosses you, and the nuance of her being on strings? Fantastic. Making that extra level of puzzle play needing an extra thought.

This game gave me a hangover, a hangover where it felt like I didn’t want to play any other puzzle game for the rest of the year. That none would be quite as enjoyable, engaging, entrapping as this one.

My only criticism of this game was how short it was. I finished it in two hours, and I was heartbroken. A spectacle of two hours of gameplay. I had so much fun and I just pray and hope there is a sequel in the works! There is no excuse not to play this game if you like puzzle games, or just short games that you can enjoy. It has delightful music, a great story, fantastic design. So go! Get! What are you still doing here?

Sometimes, I don’t want to shoot baddies, and big bad bosses, and traverse the world through scary dark hospitals to the ends of the earth. Sometimes I just want to be surrounded by a big open world, chop wood, pick flowers, grow food, pet animals, and potter around. Yonder was EVERYTHING I wanted in a Sim crafting game I am currently play Prideful Sloth’s latest addition ‘Grow: Song of the Evertree’, which is a fantastic game and objectively scored higher in my review, but my heart enjoyed Yonder more despite a few hiccups I could easily forget.

There is just something about sourcing seeds, water and soil, then growing your own tomatoes and being able to make recipes and meals, and sell them for more things you need. It is insanely satisfying and super relaxing. I played Don’t Starve a very long time ago, I loved it, I love playing that with friends, but I always wanted an open world don’t starve that just did justice to every element. Yonder is large enough that you do not get bored, and each location can offer different things to collect, see and do. It is small enough so it doesnt feel massively overwhelming. It even has ‘guilds’ to be apart of. So you can almost ‘collect’ careers.

It is everything someone wants to do when they play The Sims and have all the careers, and make all of the meals. Each element is designed so brilliantly for gameplay. On top of crafting and collecting, there is even a narrative main story, and there is never nothing to do.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and sank many hours into it. It would be easy to fall into the shadows of the console stores, so I urge you, if this sounds like your kind of game, even on a sleepy Sunday. Go get it!

Pumpkin Jack is everything gaming in the 90’s. I remember playing this and having to physically check this was not a re-master. I honestly felt as if I had time travelled. This is simply a game from someone who brings back the elements of 90’s game playing.

Halloween themed, you traverse and adventure among different locations. Think, Medieval, Spyro the Dragon, and you will get the jist. A to B with a bit of exploration, different weaponry and just So.Many.Halloween.references to enjoy. The script is full of enjoyable quips and each level just brims with retro gameplay and lots to do. Cart Riding, Mine trekking, boat antics, and mushroom bouncing among the tree’s.

Pumpkin Jack doesn’t take itself too seriously, and even mocks the player for dying. Like how hilarious?! It has classic companions, purposely clunky controls and all around fun. If I am correct this game is developed from one person,and for a game to allow you to feel pulled back to the exact reasons why you fell in love with the industry in the first place that damn near requires an applause.

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