May 19, 2024
Just before it gets lost in a deluge of E3 announcements, cast an eyeball on the end of a stalk over Clid the Snail - a twin-stick shooter coming to PS4 this summer.

So while many of us are reeling from the disappointment of the biggest Anthro game of the year, it’s time to set our sights on what’s to come. E3 is on the way, and there’s already some trailers popping up before the event begins. One that’s already looking interesting is Clid the Snail – a grim, narrative-led top-down twin-stick shooter full to bursting with anthro critters being way too grimdark. This comes from new Spanish Indie developers Weird Beluga, in partnership with Koch Media and as part of the PlayStation Talents program. Clid the Snail will slime its way onto PlayStation®4 in 2021, with the PC version possible later in the year – but no firm release dates yet.

Now, first things first – Clid is not a snail with one foot, covered in slime, a shell, and very low ground clearance. He’s a grumpy humanoid snail (of course he is) totting more weaponry than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe they took Metal Slug too literally? Focused on narrative, and with a methodical, mindful approach to combat, players will take control of the exiled snail and join forces with a peculiar gang of outcasts called the Alcastor Gang to get rid of the slug plague that is ravaging their world. Earthworm Jim, eat your heart out. Players are encouraged to use creative gunplay with a vast array of weapons and mechanics, alongside exploration and puzzle-solving. Check out the trailer below:

The aesthetic is close to a Souls-like, but with its interesting narrative focus, anthro characters, metal soundtrack and twin-stick shooter gameplay, we’re hoping Clid the Snail forges a slimy trail all on its own. Our only real concern from the trailer is the characters talking critter-gibberish, something that was a real issue in Biomutant. Hopefully, in forthcoming trailers we can see subtitles at the very least.

Keep an eyeball on the end of a stalk for Clid the Snail coming Summer 2021 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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