May 24, 2024
Gnosia Review Switch West
The "Danganronpa meets Among Us" social deduction game Gnosia is headed to PC later this year, Playism have confirmed.

The “Danganronpa meets Among Us” social deduction game Gnosia is headed to PC later this year, Playism have confirmed.

Publisher Playism and developer Petit Depotto have announced that their social deduction visual novel Gnosia will be launching on PC via Steam before the end of 2021. The game is set to be priced at $24.99.

Gnosia originally launched on the PSVita back in 2019 but only in Japan. The game then launched worldwide on the Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

When it launched on the Switch, we had the pleasure to review it. We called it “A unique blend of social deduction game and visual novel” with “A strong narrative that’s unveiled little by little combined with a looping logic and deduction game make for a very compelling proposition and damn near essential for fans of either genre.”. It earned a 9/10 score from us.

Featuring a wacky, eclectic cast of characters, the aim of the game is to root out the imposter characters called Gnosia. You do so by talking to the crew and using the abilities of special characters to catch people in lies. Each success or failure triggers a new loop of the game with a rotated cast and new special characters. It’s an interesting concept that manages to make a genre that is usually best as a multiplayer game equally as exciting when played alone.

Gnosia is an all-new style of text-based adventure combined with visual novel, RPG, and mystery elements. The game begins with the discovery that the crew has been infiltrated by the Gnosia. As you play through the game it becomes apparent that the characters are re-experiencing the same few days over and over again. Each “loop” ends once win or loss conditions have been met. More info on the nature of the Gnosia and this time loop is also gradually revealed.”

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Gnosia PC Release

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