Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack DLC Announced

8 new animals and a new scenario launching March 30th as part of the Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack. Free Update also detailed.

The primary reason for me wanting to update my current PC is so that I can play Planet Zoo. Developers Frontier Developments really know how to make tycoon games. From Jurassic World Evolution to Planet Coaster, they’ve been hitting them out of the park with each new release. Every time we get an email detailing the new updates for Planet Zoo, I get all jealous of those with a PC powerful enough to play it. Today, I am once again insanely jealous as Frontier have announced and dated the Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack DLC. They’ve also detailed a new free update coming to all players.

Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack DLC includes 8 animals – 7 habitat and 1 exhibit – to add to your zoo. The Clouded Leopard, Sun Bear, Proboscis Monkey, Binturong, Malayan Tapir, Ussuri Dhole, North Sulawesi Babirusa and Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect join the impressive list of zoo inhabitants on offer in this game. The pack is launching on March 30th, 2021 on Steam and will cost £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99. Of course you’ll need to have the base game.

In addition, there’s also a brand new timed scenario based in Perak, Malaysia. Here players will take charge of a struggling zoo set in a tropical rainforest biome and attempt to reverse its fortunes by placing facilities, scenery, and flora with Planet Zoo’s signature piece-by-piece construction and landscaping tools.

Also launching alongside the Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack DLC on March 30th is a free update to the title. This adds updates along with fan requested improvements including multiple zoo entrances, video billboards, fresh scenario rewards, customisable water colour and volume, and the ability to save franchise zoos as sandboxes. A new timed scenario is being added to the game too called “Bernie’s First Steps”. Here players will expand an early version of Goodwin House into a thriving country park. You can check out all of the details on this new update by clicking here.

Now that I’m all pumped up for Planet Zoo again, I’m going to look longingly at the PC’s I’m saving up for. Or go back to begging Frontier on twitter to bring the game to consoles. (PLEASE)

Source: Press Release

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