June 18, 2024
'Tis the season for more indie games, fa-la-la-la, your backlog cries. Here's a great list fresh out the oven, like holiday ginger bread.

We’re in the last month of what has been a tremendous year for all things indie games, so what better way to end it on a high – thanks to this wonderful selection. Last month we got thrown through a loop with In Stars and Time, hooked on Sanabi, defended our villages with Stronghold: Definitive Edition and sunk to the icy depths of Dredge’s DLC – The Pale Reach. Nothing particularly seasonal on this list, but they’ve got the pop of a holiday cracker; so without further ado here’s December’s list of indie games to be excited about.

Let’s Find Larry! by Germfood – November 22nd 2023

Let’s Find Larry! looks like a more interactive Where’s Wally? If only you were the wally who imbibed just before looking for him. Developed by Germfood – known for the satirical job simulator Night of the Consumers and the pitch-black comedic b-movie horror FPS, Fleshbirds – Let’s Find Larry! still has the signature grimy retro aesthetic, whilst bringing a quirky twist to the hidden object genre. With over 30 levels and more than 100 unique characters cluttering your chances to spot Larry. You can try and catch him and say hi to an old best mate, in this hilarious game on Germfood’s itch.io page.

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Knuckle Sandwich by Andy Brophy – November 22nd 2023

Continuing the trend of oddball games on this list is the newly released Knuckle Sandwich. Described as a more mature offbeat RPG than Undertale, Knuckle Sandwich tells the story of a young man during his first day in Bright City – a teeming island of wonder with a dark secret. You’ll be finding a job and making friends, all the while uncovering a mystery linked to gangs and cults. With over 100+ minigames tied to all the enemies and playable characters, a massive cast and an awesome soundtrack, Knuckle Sandwich is out now for PC via Steam.

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Pixel Cafe by Baltoro Games – November 30th 2023

If the double shot of recent releases from the Coffee Talk series wasn’t enough of a caffeine hit for you, narrative lovers with a taste for beans can rejoice as Pixel Cafe is out now. With a smooth blend of arcade time management and a visual novel, Pixel Cafe tells a coming-of-age story as a woman moves to the big city to forge new connections and overcome personal difficulties. Learn new recipes across 10 different bars, all with their own types of customers, customise your grandma’s house and face 50 levels of bold brewing difficulties as Pixel Cafe is out now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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Sanguivore: Twenty Below by Blood Eater Games – December 1st 2023

If you haven’t already been traumatised by a family outing to an escape room, then Sanguivore: Twenty Below has got you covered. This first-person co-op extraction horror has you combining your teammates’ talents and wit to hopefully escape from the Sanguivore (translated to Blood Eater). Gather items and use everything to your advantage to hopefully survive in this gruesome team-building exercise that spans four areas to conquer, all with their own multiple routes. With dynamic difficulty that can put you to the test, intricate puzzles and tools that have a variety of uses, Sanguivore: Twenty Below will leave Early Access as it gets a full release on PC via Steam.

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SteamWorld Build by The Station – December 1st 2023

The world you’re playing in is running out of steam, for lack of a better phrase, and it’s up to you to rebuild a functional colony in SteamWorld Build. The game is a base-building city sim with a wonderful vibrant steampunk aesthetic, inspired by the Old West, as you make a dying planet home. There’s a mine under the town with rumours of unknown tech lying inside, making it your mission to discover and utilise said technology, to overcome the drought and hunger that the world is very quickly facing. Featuring five distinct maps all with their own technological secrets to find and multiple difficulty levels to tackle – SteamWorld Build will release on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Praise Dead by Intrepid Marmot – December 5th 2023

This priest has more than just skeletons in his closet in Praise Dead, as you create minions through the corpses of villagers and monsters – raising your own undead army to defend the village. Praise Dead is an auto-battler roguelike that sees you collecting relics, powering up your zombies and protecting the living during nighttime incursions. Placing your minions with the right attributes in the right place, upgrading them intelligently and maximising your resources is the holy way to play, as long as you Praise Dead when it releases on PC via Steam.

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A Highland Song by Inkle – December 5th 2023

A Highland Song is an enchanting love letter to the Scottish Highlands as you play as Moira McKinnon, running away from home to see the coast. The game is a wonderfully handcrafted 2D platform adventure that sees you exploring the highs and lows of the Highlands. Survive through the weather conditions by resting, experience stories from the locals and jump to the rhythm of music from TALISK and Fourth Moon. Scattered across the Highlands are map fragments that aid you in secret routes and passages to get to your destination quickly and safely, but the journey is all that matters. A Highland Song will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Born of Bread by WildArts Studio – December 5th 2023

Make sure you’ve got your oven gloves on when handling this hot loaf, as Born of Bread is the latest in handcrafted 2D characters exploring a vibrant 3D world in an RPG fashion. You play as Loaf, a sentient bread roll whose quest is to stop dark forces that have been stewing in evil for thousands of years – only to reign chaos across the peaceful land. The game features exciting turn-based combat, with real-time elements to keep you on your toes, a colourful cast of eclectic characters brimming with personality and unique abilities, topped with a spread of puntastic story to fill you up before the mains. Born of Bread will be freshly baked on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

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While The Iron’s Hot by Bontemp Games – December 5th 2023

Reforge a bustling smithing village on an island of the best artisans in While the Iron’s Hot. You’ll be taking every step of smelting, forging and arranging pieces of metal to perfection as you master your craft. The island of Ellian is a bright and mystical place, full of secrets and caves to explore in a combat-free environment. The more tools you forge, the further you can explore and meet a whole crew of alchemists, shipwrights and more to help Ellian thrive. While the Iron’s Hot will strike onto PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Blood West by Hyperstrange – December 5th 2023

Part-shooter, part-immersive sim, Blood West blasts across the wicked West to send the outlawing demons packing back to hell. You play as a revenant, recently revived by strange native spirits, whose sole purpose is to exorcise the eldritch horrors that have plagued the frontier. Plan your steps wisely and take the demons on quietly, or go out in a blaze of glory as you learn new tricks even beyond death to exact vengeance. This deliberate FPS Western shooter has a great PS1 art style and a headbanging soundtrack to blast demons to. Blood West will be rolling out of the wild wild west of Early Access and onto PC via Steam – part’ner.

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Hammerwatch II by Crackshell – December 12th 2023

Described as a pixel mini-RPG, Hammerwatch II sees you once more exploring beyond the dungeons of Castle Hammerwatch, to rescue villagers and save the day against the forces of evil. With frenetic hack-and-slash combat, across five different classes, as well as day/night weather systems to keep every journey feeling different – Hammerwatch II is an action-packed RPG adventure just waiting to happen. You’ll also be able to take on your quest in co-op mode with up to 3 other players, as you gather resources and slay your foes. Hammerwatch II will release on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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Cookie Cutter by Subcult Joint – December 14th 2023

This has been on the Finger Guns radar for a good while now. The astonishing handcrafted 2D animation/art style – with a gnarly and brutal twist – and blistering combat under the Metroidvania formula, has us pumped to play this absolute firecracker of a game. You play as Cherry, an android on a rage-fuelled quest to save her creator. This game is oozing with style, taking inspiration from the badass comic hero Tank Girl and Tarantino flicks, Cookie Cutter is sure to be anything but when it releases on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and EGS.

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Bahnsen Knights by LCB Games Studio – December 14th 2023

After a couple of months’ delay due to personal reasons (we wish the LCB team well!), Bahnsen Knights is coming in hot from the highway. Part of the Pixel Pulp series, Bahnsen Knights is a pixelated interactive visual novel with a great style. You play as Boulder, an agent going undercover to infiltrate a religious cult performing ‘route exorcisms’ as a string of religious storms rip across the country. After the disappearance of a long-time friend of the organisation Agent Culpra, ex-car salesman Toni is the main suspect as he preaches that Hell is actually above us. Decide everyone’s fates and uncover the mystery in this pulpy ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. Bahnsen Knights releases on PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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House Flipper 2 by Frozen District, Empyrean – December 14th 2023

If you ever wanted to experience zero consequences of shows like Homes Under The Hammer or DIY SOS you can! As House Flipper 2 releases this month. The game is exactly what it says, you’ll buy a rundown property and turn it into a home of dreams through new and improved mechanics seen in the first game. Demolish the foundations to rebuild, renovate the house how you see fit and paint your way to make some glorious-looking houses in new and updated visuals to couple some of the new and returning mechanics. House Flipper 2 will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

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Trinity Fusion by Angry Mob Games – December 15th 2023

Trinity Fusion is a 2D roguelite action platformer where you play as 3 different characters, all with their own worlds to explore within the multiverse. With a sprawling procedurally generated world and handcrafted challenges all in 3D graphical detail, there is so much to conquer and explore within the game. Featuring a hub where you can purchase permanent upgrades, there’s always a sense of progression even upon death. Trinity Fusion will be available on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

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What a way to end this year, so many great additions for 2023. However, release dates are subject to change. Upcoming for the new year we won’t have a monthly list for January, but rather a big list of games with a tentative or confirmed 2024 release date, so look out for that. As always you can contact us on our socials or email at hello@fingerguns.net if you want us to showcase your indie game for the new year. Until next year!

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