June 25, 2024
Not going to be very... stable... after seeing this body horror horse farm. Check out the new HORSES trailer if you dare.

Santa Ragione have released a brand new haunting trailer for their upcoming horse ranch simulator meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre, HORSES. While less than a minute in length, there’s a plethora of disturbing imagery, wild body horror sequences and discomforting live-action snippets. The close-ups of people’s faces are nightmare-inducing just on their own.

There’s still no firm release date as of yet, but HORSES is planned to release sometime in 2024 on PC. I think we’re all going to need that time to mentally prepare for the psychological horrors that await us. Moreover, if you subscribe to the game’s newsletter via its website, you can gain early access to a demo releasing later this year.

In other exciting news, survival horror gem Saturnalia is getting a Steam release in 2023, arriving with a couple of exciting new features. First-person mode, a photo mode and even a film-noir mode are being added with the latest release, providing even more replayability. Santa Ragione have released a Steam demo for Saturnalia today, if you’re so inclined to check it out. We’d probably recommend you do…

Guess we’ll be doing a few more runs of the excellent rogue-like horror until HORSES arrives.

Source: [press release]

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