Psychological Horror Ad-Infinitum Trailer Bursts Out Of Gamescom

Imagine escaping the horrors of the First World War, only to end up in an equally terrifying scenario of being stalked and haunted by all manner of demonic presences. Well, wonder no more, as Ad-Infinitum is the latest game to try its hand at the Great War’s psychological torment.

Hot off of the heels of the very good Amnesia: The Bunker, this latest psychological horror title from Hekate and NACON looks to be a dark and disturbing descent into suffering and madness. Aptly titled the Maw of Madness, the trailer delivered at Gamescom provides just under a minute of creepy visuals and intense audio cues, as one might expect.

While there wasn’t a whole lot more shown off or discussed outside of the trailer, we won’t have very long to wait before we dive into this nightmarish realm. Ad-Infinitum will be releasing September 14th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

World War One horror is back with a bang. Are you ready to face the trenches and the terrors that await?

Source: press release.

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