April 18, 2024
Tech-noir survival horror Hollowbody from solo developer Headware Games gets a gameplay reveal trailer with a launch window.

Hollowbody is the third game for Headware Games and this one looks to be the scariest one yet. After Chasing Static‘s unsettling journey down memory lane – to put it lightly – in a sci-fi setting, us here at Finger Guns were ready for whatever came next for the solo developer.

Thankfully, the wait isn’t too much longer as we have our first look at some of the exploration and combat, alongside a release window. See the video and Press Release info below:

Play as Mica, an unlicensed Shipper working for an infamous ring of black market freelancers
who finds herself stranded in a long abandoned British city. It’s a Shipper’s biggest fear. You’re grounded in the exclusion zone, twenty miles of death and decay sealed off by the towering, suffocating walls erected after the collapse. Alone, stranded, and with limited resources at your disposal you’ll have to push your way through the zone, solve environmental puzzles, manage resources and fight for your life as you try to find a way to escape beyond the wall.

Headware Games

The game will feature full voice acting, as well as multiple endings, and accessibility options for those who prefer exploration over combat. All in a neat survival horror package inspired by titles of the early 2000’s. Hollowbody looks to be the most ambitious title from Headware Games and we can’t wait to dive deeper into this tech-noir survival horror expected to launch on PC in early 2024.

To keep up to date with Hollowbody, you can follow Headware Games on their social channels – Twitter, Facebook. You can also head over to the Steam Page and wishlist right now.

[Source: Press Release]

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