#DRIVE Speeding On To Switch On Feb 16th

The endless driving game #DRIVE is screeching on to the Nintendo Switch later this month. That’s the news from Pixel Perfect Dude, Lionsharp Studios and PM Studios who recently unveiled the news with this new trailer:

#DRIVE is an endless driver inspired by road and action movies from the 70s and 80s. Players simply pick their car, the place, and hit the road. Just try not to hit anything else. There’s collectables, power-up’s and some very cool visuals.

Game features:

  • Gorgeous stylized graphics
  • Super fun photo mode to share your journeys
  • 8 beautiful locations to see and explore
  • 90+ unique cars to drive
  • Each car with a special coolness addon
  • Fun and addictive driving mechanics

#DRIVE is launching on the Nintendo Switch on February 16th for $12.99.

Source: Press Release

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