May 25, 2024
WASD live came and went in the last few days, and here are Finger Guns' favourite games we played at the event:

E3 might be dead (for this year at least), but there are plenty of other shows out there to fill that void, and WASD is one of them. Boasting plenty of indie game creativity running a broad gamut of genres, as well as a small amount of larger titles such as Dead Island 2 and Street Fighter VI, this year was a really fun event to attend. Both myself and Greg went down to look around, and here are 8 games that we thought were the highlight of the event.

System Shock by Nightdive Studios/Prime Matter

The original System Shock is an absolute classic, and this reimagined remake of the game intends to bring the series into the modern age whilst retaining the essence of what made the original so popular. We got hands-on with the press demo at WASD, and I really enjoyed it. The art style was interesting, the story decently engaging from what was in the demo, and the melee combat felt meaty although sadly I didn’t get the chance to use a gun. Enemies were fun, ranging from mutated horrors to cyborgs to turrets, and were legitimately dangerous and would easily kill you if you weren’t careful. There was plenty of exploration on offer too, which is always something I enjoy in my single-player shooters. Overall, I’m really excited to play this in future and it has bumped itself up my list of games I’m excited to play in future. System Shock can be preordered and wishlisted on Steam. – Jon

Terra Nil by Free Lives/Devolver Digital

Terra Nil was released just a couple of days before WASD took place, and I got a hands-on with the game whilst there. It was the first game I got time with and it was a great one to start with. Your objective is to transform a barren wasteland into a thriving green and blue ecosystem. You’ll start off with wind generators, which you then use to power facilities to improve the soil and regrow grass and small plants. Eventually, you’ll then need to reintroduce clean rivers, and diversify the terrain into wetlands, forests and so on. Both flora and fauna will be important to bring back into the areas you’ve successfully cultivated. The game turns into a puzzle game as you have a limited amount of resources to repopulate the map with, and you’ll need to maximise your efficiency to complete your goals successfully. A beautiful chill game is augmented with a really nice and chill soundtrack. It can be found here on Steam. – Jon

Vampire Survivors by poncle

Many of you will already know about this game, as it’s been out for a while now and has been really popular, plus like, a BAFTA win. This was my first-time with Vampire Survivors. I dove straight in and was immediately rewarded by being besieged by hundreds of enemies such as bats, skeletons and walking plants. If they got too close they would damage me, so I used a trusty whip, knives and bibles to keep them at arm’s length and destroy them. I can see why this game has been so popular, as it really left me wanting more so I ended up buying it a couple of days later. This time/survival game earned its way into my Steam library, and you can do the same on Steam too here, as well as on iOS, Android and Xbox. – Jon

Sandwalkers by Goblinz Studios

I love roguelikes, especially those with an element of exploration. Sandwalkers was a game that really tickled these itches for me, and it was fun to get hands-on. You’re put in charge of a trading convoy sent to deliver a gift to another settlement, and you’ll need to manage your supplies and adjust your routes whilst on the way there. There are events on the world map that you can move to, as well as fights to take on for additional loot. When you do take a fight, your caravan of guards will enter a battle and you’ll need to use your guard’s abilities each turn to deal damage, heal and improve your armour amongst other things that are based on your guard’s skills. On completion, you’ll then also need to decide which loot you want to take with you, as your caravan has a limit on how much loot you can take. This game has earned itself a place on my wishlist, and I really look forward to giving it a go with the full release. Sandwalkers can be wishlisted on Steam here. – Jon

Goblin Stone by Orc Chop Games/Curve Games

Goblin Stone was another interesting title that has really made me excited for what’s coming in future. A roguelike RPG, Goblin Stone immediately put me into a later stage of the campaign, where I was able to send goblins out for exploration on a campaign map, similar to Darkest Dungeon. Once you enter an area, you’ll need to clear it for loot and deal with any enemies that you encounter. Fights feel like a mix of Darkest Dungeon and Monster Train, with your goblins on the left being hand-picked before you enter the area, and the set group of enemies on the right can be dealt with by randomised cards each turn. There is a base you return to after encounters that can be upgraded and built on, similar to XCOM, so there is a really nice mix of mechanics here to look forward to. Overall, Goblin Stone was one of the stars of WASD for me and I really look forward to it. It can be wishlisted on Steam here. – Jon

Engines of Destruction by ReEngage Developments

Engines of Destruction is a game that, if it can deliver on its promises, will be an incredible experience and I’m very excited about its potential. There was a very early pre-alpha build available at WASD, and I was able to compete in some 1 vs 1’s against the games Director, Josh Johnson. For now, only mechs were playable, as well as a limited amount of customisation in the loadout section where you could detail what equipment your mechs were using, such as cannons or missile pods. In the long term, however, the developers have grand plans – not just mechs, but helicopters, infantry and many types of vehicles. Multiplayer games will be 50 vs 50, and players can take on any role they may wish within the server. There are also plans for community servers and mod support too, so I’m really excited to see the future of the game. Engines of Destruction has engineered a place on my wishlist, and you can find it on Steam here. – Jon

Anger Foot by Devolver Digital

I don’t tend to play all of the games at these events, because I’m not a fan of queuing. But every once in a while, something catches my eye and I just have to have a go. This time around it was Anger Foot; Free Lives and Devolver’s upcoming violence-fest. Played in first person, it’s a fast-paced stomper of a game.

Like a cross between Hotline Miami and Post Void with Gang Beast-like body styles, Anger Foot is… well, like its title. You, the character, are mad. Equipped with a mighty left foot to rival Duke Nukem, players will boot their way through doors and enemies alike. Guns and ammo are limited, and deaths are practically instantaneous. So it becomes tactical in the carnage as one hoofs their way from room to room. Definitely one for HM fans. You can wishlist it here on Steam, and even play a demo. – Greg

Street Fighter 6 by Capcom

I’ll keep this short and sweet to conclude, because: it’s Street Fighter. If you’re not sure about the king of 1v1 fighters, where you have you been for the last thirty years? I’d played this at EGX and then tucked into a bit more this weekend, still happy to report it’s looking amazing.

With a chunkier style that seems to channel SFIV again, everything here is bright and colourful, underneath a tight fighting game. The modern controls are still way too out there for me, but thankfully Capcom aren’t ostracizing the veterans by leaving classic controls in there too. I’m excited for this one, but I doubt I can put another 400+ hours in like I did with SFIV. Still, can’t wait to see what new fighters come out over time. You can find it here on Steam. – Greg

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