TGS 2021 – Scarlet Nexus Hits Game Pass + New DLC Incoming

Earlier this year we Bandai Namco released Scarlet Nexus to stellar reviews, including ours. Now during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Xbox Showcase, they have revealed that Scarlet Nexus is coming to Xbox Game Pass – that’s free to all subscribers to the service. Do yourself a favour and check it out – it’s there right now for immediate download. We think this was always going to happen, seeing as Scarlet Nexus was first announced during an Xbox Stream in 2020.

There is also new DLC for the game – the first of three planned DLC packs and a free update. Check out the trailer for these below.

The Bond Enhancement Pack 1 includes new costumes and weapons designed by illustrator Yusuke Kozaki, an expanded bond system to level 6 with new bond episodes, and new moves such as the Crush Vision. Free update includes Challenges, cosmetics and lots of other items in the shop. Both are coming soon.

Toby Andersen

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