March 4, 2024
'...Don't you DARE come for Princess Peach...'

Back once again with the renegade podcast masters with the ill behaviour… or something? It’s The Finger Guns Podcast!

And we’re back with our 2024 Metacritic Predictions episode, which sees us take a wild guess at the final Metacritic scores for this year’s biggest releases.

Join Rossko, Miles, Kat, Josh and Yogdog as we tear through our initial list before adding a bunch later on in the year after they’re announced. It’s a whole lot of fun.

Elsewhere, Josh has been checking out the cracking Thirsty Suitors and Kat has been thoroughly enjoying the current PS Plus offering Nobody Saves The World. Yogdog has been checking out Against The Storm, Miles has played possibly the worst game Rossko could ever imagine with RTS-top-down-Trebuchet-soldiers-turn-based-strategy title called Lost Eidolons, whilst Rossko himself has played the Prince of Persia: The Last Crown demo and of course, Fortnite. What else is he gonna do?

Oh, and UK games retailer GAME are stopping trade-ins! What does this mean for the industry and will they survive without Kev from down the road bringing in a bunch of CoD games to pay for EA FC25?! We discuss.

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