Hotshots: Vox Games’ modern 90s platformer Kaze and the Wild Masks

The 90s platforming scene was brimming with animal mascots. We had blue hedgehogs that were nothing like hedgehogs, foxes, echidnas, purple dragons, bandicoots of all things, a family of destructive apes, a crocodile, a gecko, and whatever the hell a Klonoa is. But what animal was the scene missing?

Alright there’s lots, but it was definitely missing a rabbit.

Vox Games new 90s homage platformer Kaze and the Wild Masks, stars a rabbit named Kaze. It’s a beautiful pixelart adventure full of the type of 2D platforming made famous by Sonic and Donkey Kong. There’s rings and gems to collect, climbing, flying and swimming levels, bouncing vegetables and two massively long ears that can be used Tails fashion to fall with style. They also seem to be multi-dexterous and can be used for rope traversal as above and for spinning and taking out enemies Bandicoot style.

And how do you say that anyway? Kay-zee? Ka-zay? Kays? Not sure. Anyway, take a look at the smooth animation and level design in action below. It looks fantastic.

As Kaze, you need to journey through the Crystal Islands to save your friend Hogo from a curse that has spread chaos through your world. Its Fauna versus Flora as you face enraged living vegetables. You must also collect and use the powers of an array of wild animal masks. So you are not only a rabbit. You can also hunt as a tiger, fly as an eagle, sprint as a lizard and traverse underwater with your shark mask. It’s also got a real feel of Shantae about it which is no bad thing.

Publisher SOEDESCO brought us the lovely pixelart adventure Owlboy in recent years. If Kaze is up to that standard, we are in for a treat.

Kaze and the Wild Masks is coming to Steam and Switch in 2020, but no specific release date yet.

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