February 22, 2024
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Simplistic and shallow, Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is another very poor title from The Voices Games. The Finger Guns review.

Simplistic and shallow, Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is another very poor title from The Voices Games. The Finger Guns review.

According to the PlayStation store description, Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is a precursor to another of The Voices’ games, ‘Lizard Lady vs the Cats’. I reviewed the latter game back in February 2021. I described it as “a shallow, poorly constructed and thoroughly unenjoyably third person shooter”. The other thing that the PlayStation store mentions is that Lady In A Leotard has “AI and graphics which are simpler” than its successor. Needless to say, Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is shallower, even more poorly constructed and is quite possible the worst third person shooter on the PS4.

Consisting of 11 levels, each of which lasts between a few seconds to a couple of minutes, the aim of Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is to reach the exit door. When I say exit door however, what I mean is a huge texture-less block with “EXIT” written on it. Standing between the lady and her destination are waves of hostile foes that’ll attempt to kill her. You’ll need to kill all of these in order to progress. That’s not really an issue however. They’re brainless enemies that make zombies look like college professors. When the developer said that the “AI and graphics are simpler”, they weren’t kidding.

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There’s a laundry list a mile long of design issues with this game. The actual Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is ugly, like a low poly monstrosity, as are most of the enemy designs. The animation when they walk is laughable. The protagonist looks like she’s trying to strut around while holding a mango between her butt cheeks. The sound effect of the gun firing is the same with every shot. As is most of the sound effects for when enemies die. When enemies are shot, they either react dramatically – huge hulking muscle dudes act as if they’ve stood on a LEGO brick, which we all know is the most painful experience known to mankind – or don’t react at all. For some enemies, there’s no sound effect to indicate that a shot has landed. As I’ve mentioned, the AI is awful, with enemies either walking at you in a straight line like they’re queuing up to get killed or strut side to side in random formations. The levels display absolutely no insight into games design. They’re simply twisty corridors or open rooms filled with platforms and enemies to shoot. Despite the simplicity to the levels, they’re also ridiculously plain. The walls are solid colours without any kind of texturing. There’s no challenge to the game play in any way. The story? Why is the woman wearing a leotard and shooting a random rogues gallery of enemies? No idea. It’s no existent.

The only redeeming quality of the game is the one time that it decides to switch it up and become a side on platformer. It was the only surprising section of the game that wasn’t total tripe. Even that was over in less than 30 seconds.

The best aspect of Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is the music. A hyped up beat and synth rhythms, the repeated track that plays throughout the game is great. It was created by a musician called Tim Beek and bought from his website to use in the title. You can listen to his royalty free music here without having to force yourself through this game.

Despite all of its issues, the probability is, you already know if you want to play Lady In A Leotard With A Gun. It’s cheap, costing less than a bag of Doritos or a bottle of Mountain Dew. Much like every one of the The Voices’ titles, it has an easy to obtain platinum trophy which can be unlocked in less than half an hour. There’s little to no gratification to be found in this game however, no matter how easy it is to Platinum trophy.

Probably the worst third person shooter available on the PlayStation 4, Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is half an hour of ugly, shallow and facile game. More of an unfinished tech demo than a product that should have ever seen the light of day, the only people that will find any enjoyment in this game are shameless trophy hunters and even that will be short-lived.

Lady In A Leotard With A Gun is available now on PS4.

Developer: The Voices Games
Publisher: The Voices Games

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, a copy of the game was purchased. For our full review policy, please go here.

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