The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 258 – Exoprimal Is Extinct

Welcome back to the pod! It’s a quiet news week so Rossko, Josh, Kat and Miles get together for a quick ol’ pod to get you caught up on the stories that we felt best acquired your attention. Or we picked ones we knew we’d have something to say about so we could fill the pod a bit…

In Game of the Week Josh has been playing photography game Unarangi Generation, Kat is still chugging away at Red Dead Redemption 2, Miles has been checking out the theme park sim Parkitect whilst Rossko has been enjoying the wonders of monster trucks in Monster Jam Showdown and the PS5 release of The First Descendant.

In recommendations Miles talks about the Best 50 Boss Fights book which is also reviewed now on, Josh has checked the brilliant Punch Drunk Love (after watching The Godfather… I don’t know, I’m finding it hard to explain), whilst Kat talks all about the upcoming 24-hour charity stream which we’re planning on July 20th.

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