After Life Season 3 Spoiler Special with Ethan Lawrence

We go deep diving into the final season of After Life. Full spoilers with James himself, the brilliant Ethan Lawrence!

It’s time for another Spoiler Special here at Finger Guns and this time we’re focusing on the final season of After Life which is available to watch on Netflix. Joining Rossko to get into the minutia of the story is James himself, Ethan Lawrence! We talk this important questions like being half naked in bath trying to be professional with David Earl, the directing style of show creator Ricky Gervais, Covid restrictions, whether or not Brandy the dog is in fact a very good girl (spoiler, she totally is) and every story revelation in the heartbreaking finale.

We also talk a fair bit of video games, because we couldn’t stray away too far from what we do around here and thankfully, Ethan is a huge gamer and has some takes on Final Fantasy which may leave you in shock and awe. Maybe.

Thanks so much for Ethan for joining us, as mentioned above the final season of the brilliant After Life is now available on Netflix.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then obviously don’t listen to this episode and come back when you have.

Oh, and be kind.

To download the MP3, right-click here.

Ethan Lawrence on Twitter: @EthanDLawrence


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