EGX 2021 Podcast Round Up – Everything We Played

Catch up with Greg and Sean’s adventures at EGX 2021 via their daily podcasts.

EGX 2021 wrapped a few days ago and to say we had a great time would be an understatement. The games were plentiful, the beers were cold and the event itself was top class, if a little unlike previous events. Greg and I recorded a podcast from out hotel room after each day about the games we’d played. You can catch them all here, followed by lists to the games we played.

Day 1

Games we played: Broken Roads, You Suck At Parking, Arcrunner, Die By The Blade, Baldur’s Gate 3, Rallyallylly, Katjepult, Alien Fireteam, Endlight, Core Keeper, Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View, Stuffed, Harp Song, Gravity Commando & Back 4 Blood.

Day 2

Games we played: War Mongrels, Grow: The World Seed, Mini Maker, Red Tether, Die After Sunset, Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Clash Of The Metal, Formula Retro Racing, Spellbound: The Magic Within, Spirit Guardian, Hymble Ventures, Zellige, Hook Up – The Game and Pest Whisperer.

Day 3

Games we played: Lughnassaah, Dragons Breath, Best Month Ever, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, Street Fighter V, Coffee Talk Episode 2, Frank & Drake, Silt, Dark Fracture, Cheftastic, Inua – A Story In Ice & Time & Model Builder.

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