April 13, 2024
Geoff brings the goods once again - here are all the announcements and trailers from The Game Awards 2022.

Rumours had been flying. Hints had been dropped. Anticipation ahead of The Game Awards 2022 was pretty high, despite the fact that the show was slated to be shorted this year than the last. As the dust settles though, I think most would agree that the TGA’s in 2022 were a resounding success.

That’s especially true for the big winner of the night – God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring and Stray – but for us viewers too. We saw new trailers dropping for Tekken 8 & Jedi Survivor and the announcement of Crime Boss: Rockay City & Death Stranding 2.

This all kicked off a little earlier in the day (or night, if you’re in the UK like I am) with the Wholesome Games Snack to celebrate The Game Awards. It’s only 20 minutes long but it’s worth a look to get new glimpses of Way To The Woods and to see the announcement of the promising Europa.

  • Games that appeared in the Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition in order of appearance:
  • Mail Time – a 3D platformer about delivering mail in a cutesy world.
  • Mineko’s Night Market – A life sim game cum adventure game with a cool art style.
  • A Most Extraordinary Gnome – A platformer about a Gnome that looks like a lot of fun.
  • Spirittea – Like if Stardew Valley included spirits to help instead of villagers.
  • Fea Farm – A fantasy farming game.
  • Way To The Woods – Play as a magical Deer who’s protecting its offspring while on a journey.
  • Tchia – An adventure game based on New Caledonian culture and mythologies.
  • Loddlenaut – A charming game about cleaning up an alien ocean.
  • Blanc – A co-op title with an arresting art style.
  • Tiny Glade – A creation game where you craft castles within little glades.
  • Bits & Bops – A rhythm game that’s now live on Kickstarter.
  • Distant Bloom – An exploration and alien life sim game where you resurrect a dead planet.
  • Valley Peaks – A charming climbing and exploration title.
  • Europa – The ‘World Premier’ of a gorgeous exploration game.

Before the main Game Awards began though, we had the “opening act”, another pre-show. Thankfully, it had plenty of announcements.

Dead Cells – Return To Castlevania – DLC dropping in 2023

Vampire Survivors available on iOS and Android – Surprise!

Valiant Hearts – Coming Home – launching on Mobile via Netflix

Retunal Comes to PC in Early 2023

New Game Alert – ‘Hellboy Web of Wyrd’ Announced

Horizon Call of The Mountain continues to look great

Post Trauma Announced from Raw Fury

Viewfinder Officially Announced

Atomic Heart gets new trailer

Scars Above looks fantastic in new trailer

Relic Hunters Legends is a thing that exists

Among Us – Hide N Seek Mode – Out Dec 9th

Above Us Announced

Replaced Re-revealed In New Trailer

Street Fighter 6 – New Trailer

Which brings us to the main event…

Here’s everything that was announced at The Game Awards 2022

Supergiant Games announce Hades II

Judas Announced From Ghost Story Games

Bayonetta Origins Announced For Switch

A Plague Tale: Requiem Accolade Trailer

Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord Trailer

Destiny 2 – Lightfall Game Play Trailer


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – Kevin Conroy Trailer

Party Animals lands on PC and Xbox in 2023

The Last of Us Part 1 coming to PC

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Game Play Trailer

Earthblade announced, from Celeste developers

Dune Awakening Trailer

Forspoken Gets New Trailer & Demo

Death Stranding 2 Announced by Hideo Kojima

Immortals of Aveum Announced as next EA Original

Tekken 8 Game Play Trailer

New Look At Nightingale

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a new trailer

Airship Syndicate announce Wayfinder

Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass Trailer

Diablo IV gets a cinematic trailer

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Announced

Blue Protocol Trailer Unveiled

Remnant II Announced


Transformers Reactivate Announced

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition Announced

Behemoth VR Trailer

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Don’tnod announce Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Space Marine 2 Gets A New Trailer

Meet Your Maker Trailer Shown, Release Date Revealed

Crash Team Rumble Announced… Finally.

The Lords of the Fallen gets a new trailer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrand Raid

Crime Boss: Rockay City Announced From 505

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Trailer – This is cool

Armoured Core VI Announced By FromSoftware

Rocket League has frosty themed stuff

Wild Hearts Trailer Shows Off New Monsters

Final Fantasy XVI Revenge Trailer Is Stunning

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