May 24, 2024
The Nintendo Direct drops remaster of beloved GameCube title, Metroid Prime. Find out what's changed in this article below:

Metroid Prime was one of my favourite games on the GameCube. Playing as Samus Aran in glorious 3D was a sight to behold – coupled with excellent gameplay, the game was a massive success, spawning two sequels. As of the Nintendo Direct this week, strangers to the game can now play a fully remastered version on the Switch.

Now, this just isn’t a fresh coat of HD paint, this remaster is a full-on overhaul of the graphics, from lighting to FPS and resolution.

So if you’ve not had a chance to play Metroid Prime yet, now is your chance to jump in and grab it. In case you didn’t know it was released digitally just after the Nintendo Direct. The physical version will be hitting shelves on 23 February 2023

Check out the comparison video below to see all the new improvements on display:

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