December 11, 2023
A curated list of worthwhile TGS 2022 JRPG news and trailers!

A week of madness from the Tokyo Game Show – and we’ve done the heavy lifting. I’ve watched every stream and every bonkers hour of plushies, microtransactions and scantily clad models – so you don’t have to! This year with so many other game shows already, and TGS’s streams being confused and often hard to watch, there actually wasn’t that much in the way of new announcements. Check out the new trailers below for the JRPGs you’ll be playing over the next year, and for the best of the rest at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 check out this post.

Depersonalisation Announced – Winter 2022

Star Ocean The Divine Force – TGS Hype Trailer – with theme by Hyde

Suikoden I + II Remasters Announced – 2023

Eiyuden Chronicle Gameplay Hype Trailer

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