December 11, 2023
Jack Move - your new favourite pixelart cyberpunk RPG - has only gone and got a release date!

There’s a new cyberpunk RPG to put on your radar! Jack Move is a turn-based pixelart cyberpunk 80s RPG evoking all the best of 80s Japanese anime. I’m talking Gunsmith Cats, Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Fun expressive anime from before everything got stuck in the dull internal monologues of modern anime. Check out the truly awesome animated trailer below, and the previous gameplay trailer from way back. Jack Move has been playable a few times during Steam Fest last year, and now finally has a release date – not even a month away on Steam.

If you fancy picking it up on PC it’s available via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Humble on September 8th 2022. If you prefer consoles you’ve got to wait a week or so more for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch releases on September 20th 2022. Not far away right? Anyway, soak up that glorious animation, and mark your calendars. I know we will.

Source [Press Release]

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