September 27, 2023
The upcoming Shin Megami Tensei spinoff Soul Hackers 2 gets some new info on its DLC.

ATLUS has revealed some details on the day one DLC for their upcoming JRPG and Shin Megami Tensei spinoff, Soul Hackers 2.

  • Players can purchase the Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers. It’s centred on a new Devil Summoner named Nana and features a new dungeon and boss encounter.
  • A slew of costumes and accessories for your entire party, as well as some battle themes from other ATLUS titles like Persona 4/5 and SMT IV, will all be available as part of the Costume and BGM pack.
  • The Bonus Demon Pack includes eight powerful demons: Tzitzimitl, Anahita, Armaiti, Zaou-Gongen, Nemissa, Masakado, Satan and Mara.
  • The Booster Item Pack will give players a headstart with increased EXP, item drops and currency boosts.
  • There will also be a free DLC pack that includes the VERY HARD difficulty and some handy starting items.

Check the video below for a look at the DLC.

There are 3 versions of the game available to pre-order now:

  • The Standard Edition: £49.99
  • The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the Booster Item Pack and the Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers: £54.99
  • The Premium Edition includes the game, all the above DLC, and two digital premium exclusives: Mary’s Maid Frock Outfit and the Ai-ho Demon: £74.99

Source: Press Release

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