December 6, 2023
Positively oozing with Dead Space inspiration, check out the latest gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol.

Have you missed Dead Space? Can’t quite wait until EA’s remake is ready to terrorise your meekly soul once more? Well, have Striking Distance Studios got a horrifying treat in store for you. After seeing our first trailer look at The Callisto Protocol rather recently, we’ve been positively treated to some further gameplay of the newest head-stomping simulator. With the minds behind the original Dead Space channelling their penchant for fear-inducing combat and chilling atmosphere, it’s shaping up to be a very enticing title indeed.

If you missed the original trailer from Sony’s State of Play last week, you can catch the latest version of it shown off at Summer Game Fest just below. As an added boon, there’s an additional 30 seconds of content here showing off some brutal and gory combat, as well as a gloriously horrific execution for the main protagonist, Jacob Lee. Tasty.

Should that not be enough to satiate your appetite for all things Necromorph-like, the studio CEO showed off a brand new gameplay trailer, delivering 2 and a half minutes of exploration and combat. It’s a solid and impressive showing, with the first minute demonstrating the very Dead Space-esque atmosphere of tension and violent world building. The second half gives a flavour of the punchy combat against the petrifying deformed monstrosities you’ll be desperately trying to survive. Similar aiming system, intuitive lack of HUD (with trademark health indicator on poor Jacob’s neck), fast and frenetic shooting, The Callisto Protocol has the works.

Striking Distance Studios’ homage to the IP that made so many waves in 2008 is shaping up remarkably well for its December 2nd 2022 release date, so lets keep our shambling limbs crossed it turns out as good as these trailers suggest. If you’re ready to face the haunting darkness of sci-fi space once again, The Callisto Protocol could be just the horror-action tonic to soothe that itch.

Source [Press Release]

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