May 20, 2024
Golf Club Wasteland has arrived. Check out the launch trailer here!

Demagog Studio’s and Untold Tales rather highly anticipated Golf Club: Wasteland arrives today on all consoles and PC and well, you lucky lot, we’ve only gone and got the launch trailer below!

Take a trip to the cozy apocalypse and play some rather serene rounds of golf as you try and understand what happened to humanity. Along for the ride is a radio DJ from Mars offering some chill tunage whilst callers reminisce about Earth. Oh and once you’ve beaten the game you’ll get a free digital soundtrack and a graphic novel. Prizes!

Golf Club: Wasteland has arrived at Finger Guns HQ so be sure to look out for much more on this unique venture very soon.

Play through the end of the world as you piece together the fall of humanity at the hands of consumerism, Silicon Valley culture, and ecological disaster. All while a smooth-talking radio DJ broadcasting from Mars serves you some chill tunes and interesting stories from his callers on Mars reminiscing about what they remember most about Earth.

Source [Press Release]

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