A Quiet Place: The Road Whispers A Story Focused Trailer To Us

Alien: Isolation horror design in A Quiet Place’s universe? All in. Even if it might end up getting us mercilessly torn apart, we’ll be shouting in joyous celebration at the creeping and the terror. Saber Interactive and Stormind Games have unleashed a new story trailer to give us some details on the upcoming horror title.

Starring a young college student suffering with asthma and her boyfriend, A Quiet Place: The Road will have you crossing the apocalyptic, ever-terrifying world of the movies. Will you manage to reach the safety of a haven and keep your family safe? Better pack some muzzles and silencers to keep the sound at bay.

In your journey for survival in this hostile, silent wasteland, you can expect to contend with all manner of threats. Scavenging and tool management will be your best friends, as will keeping hush at all times. The trailer seems to have nailed the suspense of the movie franchise, promising a thrilling and terrifying gameplay experience.

We can also expect the following key features throughout the game:

  • A New Story in the A Quiet Place Universe: Embark on a dramatic new adventure in the world of the blockbuster A Quiet Place saga. Discover an untold tale of fear and courage as a young survivor trying to endure the eerie new nightmare of the apocalypse.
  • Feel the Unnerving Terror of Silence: Experience absolute horror as you hide, distract, and sneak past the ultimate predatory creatures. But beware: even a single noise can give you away.
  • Survive the End of the World: Forge your own path through the disquieting remains of human civilization, using your wits and ingenuity to observe your environment, leverage whatever tools you can find, and overcome the dangers all around you.
Saber Interactive
A Quiet Place: The Road

To our pleasant surprise, A Quiet Place: The Road is looking exactly like we’d hoped it would. The developers and publisher are keeping just as schtup as the in-universe characters, as there’s no word on a release date yet, other than it’s coming this year. We do know it’ll be coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, so that’s a whisper of information to keep us going for now.

Source: Press Release

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