JRPG News: The Rest Of 2024 Is Falcom

You’d be forgiven for thinking the rest of the year (and plenty of 2025) is dominated by one JRPG publisher/dev – Falcom has three releases still to come, and more coming next year. The prolific developer has recently held its 2024 event and we have the trailers and info for all the announcements right here. I hope you like anime-styled JRPGs!

Trails Through Daybreak – Releases Today!

The latest in Falcom’s long-running and ongoing Trails series launches today! Trails Through Daybreak takes the series to a new part of the continent and is set a few years from the last game Trails Of Reverie. It’s billed as a new start for the series and a good jumping-on point for those interested but otherwise put off by the length of the series, and we assessed that claim in our review.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ – Release Date 25 July 2024 – Nintendo Switch

A re-release on Nintendo Switch, Tokyo Xanadu originally came out on the PlayStation Vita and sits outside Falcom’s Trails and Ys series. In addition to the new scenarios and gameplay not included in the original Vita version, this updated edition of Tokyo Xanadu includes all additional content for the game and a revamped localization of the story. We can’t wait to play and will have a review of the game up near its release date on 25th July 2024.

Ys X Nordics – Release Date Announced – 25 October 2024

The Ys series also has its latest iteration launching in English before the end of the year. Ys X Nordics takes Adol Cristin on yet another adventure, technically a prequel to Monstrum Nox, though that’s hard to keep track of it in this series. Filled with pirates and ship combat, it looks like Falcom’s answer to Skull and Bones or Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Ys X Nordics launches on 25 October 2024.

Ys Memoire: The Oath In Felghana – Early 2025

Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana brings the RPG classic, originally released as Ys III: Wanderers From Ys in 1989, then later remade as Ys: The Oath in Felghana in 2005 on PC, to modern platforms with improved visuals while retaining the action RPG’s core gameplay and charm. Additional features include multiple versions of the soundtrack, accessibility options, brand-new character illustrations, and a bit of voiceover for Adol that never existed before. The re-release is slated for early 2025. We hope this means a few more of the classic but less-available Ys games are also coming down the pipeline.


Of course, mere hours after you publish your article on Falcom, they go and drop two more trailers! Here’s a little update for more Falcom goodness.

Trails Through Daybreak II – Early 2025

As if it wasn’t enough to get the English version of Trails Through Daybreak release on the 5th, a trailer for the sequel drops just a day later. Spoiler Alert, don’t watch the trailer for part II before you’ve finished part I if spoilers matter to you. Even the character art in the image above is a spoiler, so, sorry for that. Falcom seem to be well on the way with this one, and is slating an early 2025 release in western regions!

20th Anniversary Series Highlights Reel

And as if that’s not enough its Trails’ 20th Anniversary and NIS America, who put out the English language editions, have released a series overview trailer – it’s a tantalising and over-the-top look at the series, focusing on the titles NIS America have had a hand in. It does no justice to Trails in the Sky trilogy and barely mentions the Crossbell games, or the first two Cold Steel games, but nonetheless, it’s a fun look back.

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